Tag: Egg

Gingerbread Stout Squares

Leftover Thanksgiving Dutch Baby Pizza

Za’atar Fried Egg Tacos with Chile Sauce

Harvest Vegetable Noodle Tart with Quinoa Crust

Pumpkin Coffee Danish with Chocolate Maple Icing

Cider Doughnuts with Tahini Chocolate Bourbon Glaze

Blueberry & Blackberry Tahini Cake with Cardamon Sugar

Thai Red Curry Chicken Meatballs

Stone Fruit and Honey Clafoutis

Prosciutto & Egg Sandwich with Tomato Tarragon Sauce

Tomato & Bacon Upside Down Cake

Mini Cherry & Lavender Skillet Pies

Caprese Frittata Pizza

Cherry Party Cake with Bourbon Marshmallow Frosting

Paleo Fiery Baked Eggs with Chorizo

Chocolate Chip Tahini Banana Bread Muffins

Mini Bacon Spinach & Artichoke Challah Bread Puddings

Chocolate Snack Cake with Guinness Ganache Frosting

Turkish Lamb Galette

Hot Pink Raspberry Cake

Chicken Chorizo & Jalapeño Breakfast Enchiladas

Blood Orange Ricotta Cake

Prime Rib Hot Brown Egg Sandwiches

Chocolate Mocha Glazed Gingerbread Fritters

Fried Chicken and Waffles with Apple Butter & Kale Slaw

Chili Roasted Jalapeno Goat Cheese Tamale Pie

Autumn Kale and Brussel Sprout Cobb Salad with Maple Vinaigrette