Back to the Grind

Bret and I got back from the Lake yesterday evening and boy was it hard to be chipper today at work. Coming back on a Thursday doesn’t sound that bad but when everyone is ahead of schedule and getting ready for the weekend, and you just started your week… sucks.

Today, at work we had to shoot a promotional video for our new website that is going to be launched at the end of September. Of course, I looked like a pair of week old balls. I am pretty sure I had bags underneath my eyes that were the color of rubber tires, my hair in desperate need of highlights, and my lovely adult acne is flaring up! Boy, am I a peach:)

Anyways, I was glad to hear that Erica (E-Love) would be in town for a conference and wanted to go to dinner. Nothing like a good ol’ friend who wants to eat sushi to make you feel better!

Thanks E for making my day and for driving a Prius Rental to make me laugh!