Let It Snow!

I had to work today. Not a complete bummer, but obviously I could be doing a zillion other things like laundry, baking, drinking, skiing, etc.

Anyways, the weather man said this morning on the radio that Denver would be in blizzard like conditions by early morning. Yeah, right! When I walked into the office and looked out the window this is what I saw. I’m calling BS.

I seriously would hate to be a weather man in Denver. I guarantee you he is wrong 99% of the time because the weather in the front range is so unpredictable. Wait, a minute. Maybe I am in the wrong field. He gets paid either way, right or wrong. Doh!

After about an hour or two of work, I eventually looked back out side and noticed…..snow!

Okay, maybe the weather man wasn’t completely off. I kid you not, not more then thirty minutes later…more snow?!!
I arrived home around five and the snow continued to fall. I checked the weather report online…five to seven inches are reported for overnight with at least three inches tomorrow. Ohhhh bessy!
That leaves me no choice but to snuggle with Mr. B and watch movies. Darn. 
Tonight’s main attraction, A Winter’s Bone. I am looking forward to watching this movie because it’s about a young girl that has to take care of her family all while living in the Ozarks. Gotta love the Ozarks. Meth and Double-wides, oh my! Apparently, it has received a ton of independent award nods and has a 94% rating on rotten tomatoes.
Okay, on to the show. See ya tomorrow!