Case Of The Mondays

It snowed all day yesterday and last night. Not enough snow to wreak havoc but enough to slow this mornings commute.

I have the great misfortune pleasure of taking the bus during the winter months to get to work.

Since Mr. B and I live in a loft we are only deeded one parking spot in our building so we have to split the Jeep between the two of us. I drive the Jeep to work during the summer months while Mr. B rides his motorcycle. But during the winter, I ride the bus and he takes the Jeep. It works out but I may ask for a personal driver for Christmas this year. Too much?

Anyways, I arrived at the bus station this morning expecting delays. Keyword: expecting. My usual bus time was already delayed by forty-five minutes. Not a big deal.

I don’t know if it was the snow or if people are seriously stupid but everyone was freaking out. People were pacing back and forth, breathing loudly, mumbling cuss words under their breath. One guy kept going up to the ticket office every five minutes and asking the lady behind the glass, “Do you know when the bus is cuming?” She replied, “No. I have no control over the bus arrivals and it’s not my job to keep track. Patience is a virtue sir.” I am pretty sure this guy had about twelve canaries before he actually got on the bus.

To be honest, I could not help but laugh at these ridiculous people.

1) You live in Denver, and guess what, it snows.

2) Any form of public transportation will always be delayed in bad weather.

3) You can’t yell at union workers because they will never care about your problems.

4) Why are you in such a hurry to get to work?

I was ten minutes late to work today. Oh – My – God. My boss completely understood. People seriously need to chill out.

For once, I didn’t have a Case of The Mondays.