Me: Part II

It’s another round of……

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me!

1. Once, I dropped my car keys down an elevator shaft. Miraculously, they were recovered.

2. I was an actual cheerleader in seventh grade. Scary, I know.

3. My favorite cocktail right now: Jack and Ginger Ale.

4. My secret go to for cheaper fashion items that won’t make your skin break out in hives, Nordstrom’s B.P.

5. I have a coat addiction. Total count in the closet……9 and counting.

6. When I was a little girl I would always prance around in a bright yellow bathing suit.
Bowl Cut + Yellow Swim Suit = Fantastic 80’s!

7. Favorite Disney movie: Sword In The Stone.

8. Once for Halloween, I dressed up as a Fly Girl. You know, the girls that danced on the TV show In Living Color? Best costume ever!

9. I almost majored in Psychology and Anthropology. Good thing I left KU and went to K-State!

10. I have a secret crush on the Voltaggio Brothers from Top Chef.