Let’s Play A Little Game Called…

What’s on your night stand?

Don’t give me that look? What? To personal? OMG. It’s Tuesday, what else are you going to do?

I’ll go first.



Currently on my night side I have the following:

  • 12 Bon Appetit magazines circa 2009
  • 7 Maire Claire magazines circa 2009
  • 1 silver lamp with a red shade from Target
  • A crucifix from my wedding that was my great-great grandparent’s (mom’s side)
  • 2 books:  Jim Crammer’s – Mad Money and Julian Michael’s – Master Your Metabolism
  • Ipad
  • A picture frame I made for Mr. B for our first wedding anniversary. (I printed out all the places we have traveled together from Google maps and placed them in the frame. Since year one you are supposed to give something of paper I thought this was a good idea.)
  • Rubber bands for my hair 
  • Pen and post-it notes

What does my night stand probably say about me?

Since I received my Ipad I don’t read as many magazines before bed. (Probably should throw those away). I love food and fashion. Apparently, I like to read about health and finance but I wouldn’t say in that particular order. I am very sentimental. I love Mr. B. I must wear my hair in a pony tail a LOT. I am always thinking of recipes and to-do lists, thus the need to write everything down.

Okay…your turn! Do tell, we are all friends here:)