My Daily Products

You don’t have to lie.

I know you were lying in bed last night wondering what I do everyday. It’s cool. You were probably wondering if I was an early riser? If I talk to myself while I grocery shop? Did I finally buy new underwear? All great questions.

But, today I am going to put your mind to ease about another topic. Products. And not just any products, these are products that if I didn’t have readily available everyday I would probably turn into the Tasmanian devil. Messy.

Okay, let’s just start.

Eggs. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Hands down. There are so many ways to make eggs that each day I get jazz hands excited about what kind I will make that morning. Scramble, fried, omelet, poached, they are all perfectly delicious.

Running shoes. If I don’t run or do some form of exercise I will go Wayne Brady on you and smack a b*tch.

Mac moisturizer and Bobbi Brown lip gloss. I like to pretend that I’m pretty. 
Windex. Watch the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and it will explain everything. 
Chocolate Chips. Life would not be complete without these decadent bittersweet chips. Period. 
Global knife. I owe my wannabe chef skills to this dreamboat. I am obsessed with these knives because they are light weight and have a smaller handler which makes it easier to grip. Brilliant.
What are some of your favorite daily products?