Stinky Neighbors

Dear 2nd Floor Loft Owners,

We need to talk.

The past couple of weeks I have noticed a dirty, dirty trend that is taking place on our floor. And when I say “dirty trend” it’s not code for something erotic or mysterious. I am talking about your lack of sanitation.

Listen. I know living in a loft building has it’s pitfalls. One being the fact that you have to carry your trash down two flights of stairs and place it in a dumpster. I get it. I am lazy too. But, it doesn’t mean you can leave trash bags filled with rotting Thai food and kitty litter in front of your door for multiple days!

Is it too much to ask for an odor free hallway that doesn’t make you gag as you exit the elevator? I mean seriously, the Clampetts are cleaner than you.

I don’t know who started this trend and frankly I don’t care, I just want it to stop.

Thank you for your time.


Your OCD Neighbors

P.S. If I see a bag of trash in front of your door, I will put dog poo in a bag and light it on fire.  =)