Special Thanks

Hello, last day of February.

Could you by chance tell me where did your month go? I know you only have twenty-eight days sometimes twenty-nine but really, do all of your days have to zoom by like the speed of sound? I was just getting comfortable.

I am sad that I must say goodbye to Super Bowl lil’ smokies, Valentines Day gooey chocolates, Presidents weekend ski parties, and of course my birthday. Now all that awaits me in the month of March is thirty-one days of no holiday weekends, lent, and crazy spring weather. Sigh. Well, I do have Leprechauns and green beer to look forward to, but still.

I guess what I am trying to say dear February is that, I heart you. You are my favorite month because you give so much and ask for so little. And for that, we should give you a big hug!

Until next year Miz Feb, stay classy.


Your Grateful Friend, Lauren


Does anyone else feel like they have a February hangover? I mean shishhh. Everyday felt jammed pack. In all honesty, trying to squeeze a single fart into this month was almost overwhelming.

But before we part ways with the month of February, I wanted to share with you something that arrived on my door step this weekend. My mom told me on Friday before we headed up to the mountains that my birthday present would arrive on Saturday afternoon. What? I was sad at first because I knew I wouldn’t be able to open it until Sunday evening. But all that changed when we arrived home late last night and found the UPS package on our door step.

I immediately ditched Mr. B and let him finishing unloading everything (sorry, babe) and cut open the package.

Inside was this…

A vintage locket with a picture of my parents inside.

Precious. I began to sniffle and little tears began to form in my eyes. Parent’s always go for the emotional jugular. Damn, they are good.

Hope you all had a great Monday!