Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…

Okay boo for losing an hour of sleep last night, but YAY that we will now have more sunlight in the evenings! This is going to make running after work, AWESOME!!

Anyway, Mr. B is in the in between state of being sick. You know, feels better but lacks energy. Since we hit up Mona’s yesterday, I thought I would make brunch for us this morning.

I asked Mr. B what he wanted, and he responded, whatev’s. Why did I know he would say that?

Here’s what we had for brunch:

– Scrambled eggs -> 1 red pepper, 1 red onion, and 2 tablespoons of hatch chilies.
– Garnishes – > sour cream, salsa, and Mr. B had cilantro.
– Side of wheat toast with organic strawberry jam.
– Cup of dark brewed coffee with a splash of cream and sugar in raw

It was quite yummy.

Afterwards I had a few more errands to finish up. I forgot a couple of items at the grocery store. Probably would have helped to bring my list yesterday! Ooops.
BTW…have you seen these meal planning pads? They are fantastic. I feel like I spend so much money on food and end up wasting a lot of it. Hopefully it will help me going forward. 
While I prepped for next weeks Foodie Friday’s we caught up with Mr. B ‘s parents on the phone. We miss them terribly. Can’t believe it’s been three weeks since we all played in Steamboat. Where does the time go?
Off to take a stroll outside. It’s 60 and sunny in Denver today and I think the fresh air will be good for Mr. B. 

See ya!