What’s In My Bag?

Happy Hump Day Y’all!!!

For some reason I have wayyyy too much energy today. Can ya tell? I think it’s because March Madness starts tomorrow and my beloved Kitties are playing. If you could see me right now I have serious jazz hands! I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed that they play well because if they don’t, it will more then likely send me into cardiac arrest and we don’t want that. Right? Right.

Okay on with today’s post!

Recently I have written award wining posts such as what’s in my fridge and what’s on my nightstand. As I was sitting on the bus this morning I thought, why not get real personal and show you what’s in my bag. Because I know your dying to find out. I can tell.

Meet my bag.

Don’t be rude bag, say hello. Hi. That’s better.

I received this bag from my very generous in-laws two years ago at Christmas. Hands down the best bag I have ever had. Since I ride the bus, this bag is perfect to carry work items while still remaining fashionable. God forbid I look like all the crazies on the bus.

Shall we enter? Here we go…

Section 1:  The Front Pocket
I keep my Apple charger, tampons when it’s that time, and anything random that needs to be hidden. You know drugs, guns, and the occasional switch blade. What?

Section 2: Where The Goods Are At
This is where I store all of my booty. From my wallet to my camera to my flip video to post-it notes and pens, it’s full of all sorts of treasures. Plus, I keep a Ziploc bag full of handy stuff like floss, Zyrtec, and Kleenex. Mr. B says I look like a bag lady but I’m telling you it’s easier to find stuff. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Section 3: Organizational Splendor
In this section of my bag I store my at-a-glance calendar and reading material. Basically my heart and soul. I also keep manila folders for work and other miscellaneous items that are TOP SECRET. Na, just notes consisting of a lot of jibber jabber.

Section 4: Everything But The Kitchen Sink
The back pocket is where everything else goes. My iphone, keys, to-do lists, etc. Basically it’s stuff that I am going to need in three nano seconds.

Okay, it’s your turn! What’s in your bag? What are some of your favorite items in your bag?