closing weekend #1

On the road again…
Mr. B and I headed to the mountains this weekend to ski. Can’t believe ski season is over? Where did the time go?
The mountains were a nice scenery change given last weekends events. And the sixty-degree difference felt amazing. I can honestly say that I am a cold weather girl.
Anyway, here is a little recap of our weekend. Enjoy!
We headed up to Beaver Creek on Friday after work. I am digging all of this great light. I drove us up and was commanding Mr. B to take pictures as we drove. Ah, the life of being married to a blogger.
As soon as we got into town, we headed to the grocery store to make dinner for everyone. I thought Italian would be a great crowd pleaser.
Listy and I had some help in the kitchen. Her son Chance is soooo cute! Between the salad, garlic bread and whole wheat pasta, the dinner was a hit.
We all hung out and talked up a storm. I love my village.
Listy and I woke up early and headed to the grocery store to grab more groceries to make breakfast for everyone. It takes a lot of food to feed our village.  I forgot to take pictures of the delicious breakfast because I was flipping hungry! But needless to say that the eggs, toast, pancakes and these bad boy’s were a part of the equation…
Mmmmm frosting.
After breakfast, all the guys got ready to head to Beaver Creek to participate in the Vintage Ski Races. All of their outfits were hysterical! Of course no epic day is complete without a little bro love of being iced.
The weather wasn’t cooperating but we managed. Spring skiing always brings a mixture of rain and snow. It’s really weird.
I think Mr. B’s outfit was a little to real because I kept looking at him like, OMG, you are re-donkulous looking!
I managed to record Max, Listy’s husband, doing his event.  This probably should be on ESPN sports center top 10. It’s seriously EPIC. He even had a spread in the Vail Daily because it was so awesome!
Before Listy, Katie, Chance, and I headed to the Blue Moose for pizza and beer, I caught the guys doing some Powder Eights for your viewing pleasure. Since the snow isn’t great, spring skiing is all about doing random, crazy stuff.
At the Blue Moose we grabbed an IPA, devoured a cheese pizza full of goodies like artichokes, tomatoes, garlic, and on the side, the best cheese fries!! I figure since I ran a marathon that I can eat whatever I want for a week. Sometimes it feels good to be naughty.
We all headed back to the house after we ate.  The night included playing Wii and drinking games. Still not good at caps. Still.
I called it an early night because I was exhausted! These spring skiing days (even though I didn’t ski) can be exhausting! I know, I can be so lame sometimes.
Listy and I left the boys to clean and pack up while we dashed over to Breckenridge to ski with Katie. I just love skiing with these girls.
It was windy at Breck but we managed to find some decent snow at the top. We even skied through a kiddy terrain park. Go big or go home, right?
After a quick bite to eat, we all headed back to Denver. Mr. B is out of town this week and I am sure work will be a sh*t show tomorrow because of taxes. Fantastic.
Hope you all have a great week!