day before

We didn’t end up going to bed until almost 2am last night! That’s what happens when you get together with a bunch of your sorority sisters you haven’t seen in a long time. We could talk for hours.

This morning Mr. B and I were slow rolling. Hopefully we will hit the sack early tonight because I need a good nights sleep before the big day tomorrow.

Last night we all decided to gather at Good 2 Go Tacos for brunch. This place was fantastic!

It was like a Chipotle on crack. Mr. B and I loaded up with anything liquid you could find. A Gatorade, coffee, and water…MUST HYDRATE. 
The tacos were delicious. I had the Honey Bear, per Jamie’s recommendation and Mr. B had a chorozio ranch style taco. Mmmmmm….so good. 
After brunch we decided to pick up our race packets. I started to get little butterflies in my stomach as we entered the running store and saw the bibs and t-shirts. I guess it’s really going to happen. AH!
Jamie and I are running the marathon tomorrow. She is super fast! With the heat and everything, I just hope I finish. 
The course maps were displayed at the running store.  Damn, this map makes it look like I will be running forever!  We start at the Fair Grounds and run up past White Rock Lake, then turn around and head back.  Can’t wait to see the gang at the finish line!  
Once we left the running store, the girls headed to the Outlet Mall while we went to meet up with my parents. Yay, for parental units!!!  Quick shout out to Mr. Grier.  He had a knee replacement on Thursday and obviously isn’t up for the trip yet.  Chuck and Susie, you will be missed, but we know you wanted to be here. 
Hello parents! 
We spent the afternoon touring the race course so my parents could find out where to spot us during the race. I am so glad they are here, cheering us all on. Parents = the best cheerleaders!
After a quick pit stop at Whole Foods to get breakfast stuff for tomorrow morning, we took my parents back to my mom’s cousin house and then we headed to dinner with the gang. 
The Burley’s recommend this great Italian place called, Patrizio’s. It was perfect. Great atmosphere, delicious pasta and reasonably priced. 
Ton’s of carbs! 
We also celebrated Brian’s birthday which is tomorrow. His dessert was off the charts! He was kind enough to give us a nimble. Thanks Brian! 
After dinner we headed back to the hotel to finish prepping for tomorrow. Nerves are high as I type this post. 
Wish us luck!