i like to turn left

Over the past two days I feel as though I have been woken up by a round house kick to the face given by Chuck Norris. Last weekends shenanigans are still on my mind and it’s honestly left me deflated. And to make matters worse, we still don’t have our Jeep. I mean really, did they find some mythological creature in the exhaust pipe and didn’t have the right potion to kill it? I am praying to the mechanic Gods that we can get it back on Thursday before we head to Dallas!!

Okay, I need to B-R-E-A-T-H-E…

Well, I figure the only way to blow off steam and distract my mind is too head down to the speedway.  Mr. B and I were invited to attend a Meeting of the Minds event held at an indoor racing track. Nothing like a little faux Nascar to get your blooding pumping!

This place was hysterical and everything I needed to cheer me up. I swear they cloned Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights because everyone there looked just like him. I even saw a guy wearing True Religion jeans and shape ups. Do wha?

We snacked on pizza and I sipped a glass of wine. Trying to keep it somewhat classy. Mr. B had a Miller Genuine Draft, the champagne of beers. He was trying to keep it classy too. 
After about two hours we called it quits. I had looked at enough fake boobs, Ed Hardy wanna be’s and dickey-do’s that I needed to go home. Plus with this week being so crazy, I was dying for something normal. 
When we arrived home I found a cute little red bag hanging on our door. Hmm, what could this be?
Apparently my good friend Laura, who is a phenomenal runner (she has been featured in Runner’s World – yeah, she’s that good) left me a bag of goodies and a card saying good luck on my marathon this weekend. 

I heart you Laura. Thank you for making my day!