jammed packed weekend

Hello, Kansas City!

Mr. B and I are back for in KC for the weekend to celebrate my grandpa’s 80th birthday. My dad picked us up from the airport and we were starving. I had heard about Dog Nuvo from a fellow blogger friend, Krista and so I thought we needed to give it a go.

Glad we did. The food was awesome! Who knew hot dogs could be so fun?!

Mr. B had the Chicago dog and I had the Thai dog. Both, delish. 
We headed to my parent’s house afterwards to meet up with my mom. From there my mom and I headed over to my Uncle’s house to prep for the party. There was lots to do. From ironing table cloths to cleaning chairs to arranging furniture…it’s no wonder my mom and I went straight into happy hour mode when we got back.
Happy hour ended pretty quick because we had to scoot to my cousin’s track meet at Bishop Miege High School. The good news was that we didn’t have to travel far. The school was close to my parent’s house but the bad news was that it was freezing! 
Um, it’s May. What the heck?
We arrived just in time to see Connor warming up!
He has gotten so big! (either that or I am just getting old)  He was running two events that evening. The 4X800 relay and the 800 individual. We stayed only for the relay because it was so flipping cold!
It was so fun to watch Connor run. He’s really good and actually ran the anchor for the relay. Hard core I tell ya! 
Waiting for the baton.
Pass wisely!

Run, Connor, run!

The man runs on air.

Book it Danno.

His team came in second. So close!
After the track meet, we headed over to Blanc on the Plaza for some burgers. 
We chatted up a storm over drinks. 
I sipped on the usual. Jack and Ginger.
Of course we had to try the smoked Gouda and bacon fries. OMG. People. OMG.
There were so many delicious burgers to choose from that I ended up getting the pork burger and sharing sweet potato fries with the table. 

Mr. B and I were pooped after dinner so we called it a night. 
We slept pretty late this morning. But I still felt tired. Traveling and boozing don’t mix. 
I made a quick breakfast. Scrambled eggs and toast, and then my mom and I headed out to run errands. First up, the Farmer’s Market in Brookside. So many pretty things to see and buy.

We ended up grabbing some basil for tomorrow’s brunch. 
Then we were off to the grocery store for flowers, a quick peek into a local clothes boutique, Hallmark for wrapping paper, then home. 
After a quick snack and break, Mr. B and I met up with my sister-in-law Kitty for a run around Loose Park. It was cold at first but once we got running, it felt glorious! 
Now we are showering and getting ready for the birthday party.