los angeles: act one – friday

We left L.A. this morning   🙁

This Memorial weekend had everything; old friends, rays of sunshine and an endless number of shenanigans. Mr. B and I did not want to leave.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. But first. Let’s go back. All the way back to Friday.

Mr. B and I arrived at LAX  late Friday morning. The flight was dangerously easy. We were upgraded to business class on a triple seven. You know the big planes that fly international. We sat in our very own lounge chair, watched movies, and let the flight attendants kiss our tookus. I swear I am never flying coach again…well, at least on international flights.  I haven’t told Mr. B that I am now converted to flying 1st class all the time, not quite sure how he will take it.

When we landed we headed straight to Justin and Lindsey’s house in Laurel Canyon (If you don’t know the history, check out the wiki).

The house is GORGEOUS! It’s modern but comfy. I love their taste especially since Lindsey is a big fan of CB2 and West Elm. Girl after my own heart.

Justin and Lindsey had to work a half day so we waited for them to return and hung out with Max, Listy,  Nick and Chance who flew in the previous night. Another adventure with the Denver village. Love you guys!

After we were all together we headed to The Counter for some grub. This place was flipping delicious. I don’t know if it’s the fact that you get to build your own burger or what, but it was so damn yummy.

My burger had lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, pepper jack cheese, avocado and a chipotle aioli. I am pretty sure I ate it in record time.

Next up, the beach. The weather was perfect in L.A. Seventy and sunny with a cool breeze. We headed to Venice beach and walked along the pier. I seriously just wanted to marinate and never leave. I forget how refreshing the ocean breeze feels and how the warm rays of sun make you smile.

Since we had a big crowd we landed at a restaurant right off the beach to grab some cocktails and appetizers while we waited for AC to land. Told you the Denver village travels together.

Nothing like a salty marg and a cold Sol to welcome summer.

After happy hour we headed back to the Springer’s for a BBQ but we were all still full from our late lunch, so drinks on the patio were all we needed. Well, minus the fact that AC was starving when he landed and made Justin make him some hot dogs that almost burnt down their house! Oh, the things you do for friends.

Mr. B and I headed to our hotel fairly early, we were exhausted. I was uber excited about the hotel I found. JAZZ HANDS. The Farmer’s Daughter was perfect. Kind of funny in that we traveled all the way from the mid-west to stay in a hotel that resembles it, but what can you do.

When Trip Advisor gives the place four stars and customer reviews are rockin you have to stay. The hotel was super cute and comfy. Just what we needed.

We hit the hay and had dreams of Laguna in our heads…

(stay tuned for act two – saturday)