gearing up for the weekend

Well….we didn’t get swept away by the storm yesterday!

I know you probably worried as you laid in bed last night. I heart you too.

However, it did dump an obscene amount of rain in about 5 minutes, and it hailed on the Jeep as Mr. B drove home from work. I am soooooo over this weather. I can’t decide which is worse, one hundred degree heat or dodging hail? Hmmm. Discuss.

Mr. B is off to the armpit of America again on Monday! I hate this time of year when he becomes the janitor of the energy world and has to fix everything.


Since he’s not sure when he’ll get to come home this weekend’s to-do list has gotten bigger.

To do list:
Put the new Jeep cover on. As you can see, we are in desperate need.

The new top arrived a couple days before we left for Steamboat. Instead of trying to tackle it during that crazy week, we brought it to Steamboat to work on. Of course we got busy eating and boozing, and forgot to put it together there so we dragged it back to Denver. Saturday is now do or die. The top must go on.

Move the Explorer from storage to the garage. Oh yeah, we have another car. Have I ever mentioned that on CGM? The reason it’s in storage is because we didn’t have a second parking spot in our building until recently. Now that we do, we are going to get rid of the storage spot, sell the Explorer and buy another Jeep!

Sign up for hunter’s safety. Okay, before you go crazy on me and tell me guns are bad, etc, etc. I want you to know that I think having an understanding of how guns work makes us all safer. I didn’t know a single thing about guns until I did the clay shoot. Now I have a greater respect and want to be properly trained to use one. Plus, doesn’t a safari hunt sound epic?

See what happen’s when you don’t know how to use a gun…you get rocked!

Make room for our new T.V. Say goodbye to fatty! Mr. B bought this T.V back in 2003 and was the best thing since sliced bread. Well, things change. Hello, HD? Oh wait, 3D. Anways, we needed an upgrade because this thing weighs more then a sumo wrestler.

Get the Explorer ready to be sold: It’s going to be a sad day, but this baby has been in storage for two years and we need to make some room.  Ms. Explorer has been with us since college.  We’ve made lots of memories running around in this car from Manhattan to Kansas City, then Chicago and finally Denver.

Other miscellenous items: hang CB2 shelves, make hotel reservations for the Aspen Half, run, and the best part…couples massages on Sunday!

What are you up too this weekend?