all shook up

Yo, yiggity, yo!

What’s shakin’?

(pun intended)

Apparently last night the strongest earthquake to strike Colorado in more than 40 years happened around midnight, while yours truly was asleep. I always miss the good stuff. Maybe that’s a good thing. Wait. Maybe that’s a bad thing because I can sleep through a tornado siren. Scary. I know.

The majority of the earthquake damage happened near the Colorado, New Mexico border. But my boss told me at work today that he saw his TV shake last night for about a minute around midnight. Coincidence? I think not. Sure enough it was tremors from the earthquake.

Earthquakes are weird.

Seismograph’s are even weirder.

It looks like a polygraph test made friends with the Rorschach test and decided to have a party. A crazy, whack-a-do party.

crazy town.
Anyways, I arrived at work today with no morning run completed. Errr. Someone please shake some sense into me? Tomorrow I will get up in the morning and run because if I don’t, I may do something crazy like have oatmeal for breakfast. Gasp!
Moving on.
My outfit today is very fitting. I call this oxford, Green Lantern.
It’s green, shiny, and chic. 
Love Banana Republic
(I will state for the record that I am not the legit Green Lantern. Last week at the lake, my mom started to choke on water and my dad (who was dubbed Green Lantern by our family because he pulled a woman from a wreck on the highway before it exploded awhile back) had to perform the Heimlich to get the water to come up. It was a very scary moment, but not for my dad. Another rescue complete.)
The reason why this outfit is fitting for today, I kid you not, as soon as I walked back from the bathroom from taking my picture, news broke about an earthquake in D.C. What? My ring immediately began to glow and I was off to save lives. Okay, that really didn’t happen but for a second it was fun to pretend to be a superhero. Yeah, I’m nerd. You knew that.
No workout this afternoon either. The high today was 98 degrees (hehe!) and I was feeling tired, lazy, and unmotivated. I figured the only thing that would cure my heat related blues, cooking.
Yeppers, cooking.
Tonight’s dinner….yeah, you’ll have to wait until Friday to find out. Mwuahhh. 
It’s yummy. For real.
In other news:
– We get to pick up our new Jeep on Friday! YAHOO!
– I start boot camp on Thursday with Listy, Tina, Katie, and Megan. I may die. I hope they let us use a safe word. Maybe I should give them one? How about pineapple?
– I have to run nine miles this weekend. Joy.
– I may have to climb at 14er after that. Double Joy.
I am officially addicted to this spread. 
gotta have it. 
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever been an earthquake? Do you know anyone that has? What would you do if you were an earthquake?