let the party begin!

“There’s a party over here, a party over there.

Wave your hands in the air, shake your derriere.

These three words when you’re getting busy….

WHOOMP there it is!” 

I love that song. 
Who didn’t love Tag Team? Don’t you miss the 90’s? 
I didn’t sleep very well last night. (Too excited!) 
My to-do list for today was CRA-zy.  First order of business, a run. The first two miles were awful. I couldn’t get in a groove and my legs were soar from yesterdays tempo run. (FYI, tempo runs suck). After the turn around point I finally felt a little better and managed to finish the last two miles without dying. 
Not gonna lie, I was really glad when I finished. 
size of yachts. 
Next on the to-do list:
– Picking the Explorer up from the Dealer. I think we are going to sell her to one of Mr. B’s co-workers, which is great because I know that he will take good care of her.
– Pit stop at Whole Foods. My pre-run snack of a slice of bread with peanut butter didn’t keep me full for very long so I was famished by the time we left the Dealer.  Plus, I needed to pick up something quick to eat for dinner before we headed to the airport. 
gucci whole foods. 
foil does not make food look attractive.


– Deposit a check at the bank. 
– Pick up the apartment.
– Water the herbs. (By the way, cilantro has bit the dust. RIP.)
– Laundry and pack.
do you think this is enough clothes for five days? 

And then……..I was done!
Checklist complete. 
Vacation can begin right meow.
Before we headed off to the airport, we managed to squeeze in some grub. Chicken burrito, yes please! Alongside, a salad from last night’s wiener fest. Flipping yummy people!  
don’t you know I’m pollo essay? 

whoomp there it is. 
the mile high dinner. 
Once we got to the airport, I could finally breathe. 
Deep breathe in…..and deep breathe out…..ahhhhhhhh.
Our flight into KC was a little bumpy. I did not feel a 100% when we landed, but the sight of my mom made me feel instantly better. Moms are the best. 
Tomorrow is a big day. Wait. No, it’s not. We have a four drive and then it’s party time. 
Cold beer + pretty lake = happy Lauren!
See ya!