pretty in pink

AWESOME. Oh wow!
Like totally freak me out I mean right on!
(pause, pause)
The Spartans sure are number one!
Happy Thursday!

Can you name that movie? It’s a classic.

For some reason I was super pumped up this morning. Yeah, I am going to go ahead and blame my hyper activity on the sugary, pretty pink doughnut I devoured for breakfast.

Isn’t she lovely?

I saw her at Whole Foods yesterday and I had to have her. It was kind of like seeing a pair of black patent pumps on sale at Uncle Norides. You can never resist.

Now that I think of it, I haven’t eaten a do-nut (fyi…this is how doughnut should be spelled) much less took a bite of one in forever. I used to eat doughnuts all the time when I was little. Every Sunday after mass, they would set boxes of glazed doughnuts from Lamar’s out in the gathering space. My brother Jordan and I would race from the pews to see who could get there first. He always won. Always.

In case you’re concerned (Mom!), I did have some protein on the side with my new sugary friend. If I had just eaten the doughnut, I am pretty sure I would have fallen over dead from hunger pains before lunch. I guess that’s why I don’t eat these sugary treats all the time.

Needless to say, I was bouncing off the walls when I arrived at work this morning. I think my outfit today had a little something to do with my sugar high.

Meet, Miz Natasha.

do you vant some vodka? 

She is way more fab then Miz Librarian.

If Miz Natasha had an accent it would be Russian. Don’t you think this outfit would look fierce with a huge fur coat and hat? Yeah, definitely fur. Not right now of course, hello summer. Duh. But if I was a spy living in butt freezing Moscow, I could definitely work the hole espionage look.

Anywho, I took today off from running, which was perfect because I needed to head home to work on Foodie Fridays. By the way, I am JAZZ hands excited about tomorrow’s recipe!

After dinner, I walked around downtown because it finally cooled off. I seriously can’t wait for fall!

Now, I am putting my feet up. 
Drinking a glass of wine, and looking forward to the weekend!
See ya!