the matrix

Whew, what a day!
This morning I woke up with a vacation hang over. 
Do you ever get those? 
You know, when everything feels like it moves in slow motion and you suddenly question whether or not your in the matrix. I swear as I was making coffee, Morephus appeared and presented me with the option of the blue or red pill. Hmmm. What to do? Do I take the blue pill and let my vacation dreams continue? Or do I take the red pill and see how far the Monday rabbit hole goes?
In case your wondering, I chose the red pill and plunged myself deep into Monday reality. I’m starting to think that it was a bad idea. Doh!
Anyways, Mr. B and I had a great time at Table Rock Lake with my family. Check out a couple of posts  from the trip:
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After my matrixy morning, things went into overdrive at work. From phone calls to emails to meetings, I couldn’t keep things straight.  Which meant, I forgot to take a picture of my outfit today! OH THE HORROR!
Maybe it was a good thing because my outfit was not the cutest thing in the world. Whatevs. There’s always tomorrow. 
I bolted from work because I needed to get a run in at Wash Park. I have been slacking big time on getting up in the morning. 
i heart sweat. 

It was HOT, but nothing compared to running in the Ozarks. Geesh. A ninety-five degree day in Denver felt like a cool breeze compared to hundred and five degrees in Mark Twain National Forest. 
I had to grab a couple of things at the store before I headed home. Pretty excited about Foodie Friday’s this week! 
Dinner tonight was hella easy. 
– Toasted Ciabatta with Artichoke Parmesan Spread (new fav!)
– Steamed Broccoli
– Grilled Pork Chops
cheesy goodness. 
pork CHOP.
citrus mocktail.

orange glow. 

easy peasy. 
Mr. B had to work late so I got caught up on the blog world and watched Life As We Know It. Um, Josh Duhamel is just freaking HOT. The man could wear a potato sack and still look fierce.

Off to watch Weeds. This show is addicting.

See ya!