all mixed up

Happy Tuesday.


Are you sure it’s not Monday?

Raise your hand if it feels like Monday?

Is anyone else tired? Geesh.

I can barely keep my eyes open. This past weekend was big. From our crazy United flight on Thursday to a wedding to shooting pistols to running ten miles, it’s no wonder I have resorted to taping my eyelids open.

Anyways, this morning Mr. B and I were both dragging. I needed at least ten more hours of sleep. Since that wasn’t going to happen, breakfast was going to have to give me some pep!

Peppy breakfast: toast, scrambled eggs with sharp cheddar cheese, milk, and coffee with cream

Unfortunately, breakfast didn’t exactly give me the pep I needed. But, can I tell you what did? As I was driving to work today, the temperature outside was 71 degrees! YIPPEE! People, this is epic. I almost pulled the Jeep over and gave fall a huge hug. Oh, how I have missed her.

I have a zillion reasons why I love fall. But here are a few of my fav’s:

– pumpkins (whole, canned, seeds, etc.)
– college football (really just K-State)
– Halloween!
– running
– foliage
– Oktoberfest (beer and brats baby!)
– wearing layers

After work, I headed to Wash Park for a three mile recovery run. The weather was cool with some slight rain drops….just perfect.

Once I was done running, I stopped by the store to pick up dinner for tonight, tomorrow, and for Foodie Fridays. The store was swapped with shoppers. People probably thought it was Monday too.


Diner tonight was random and quick.

I nibbled on chicken and potatoes with corn and some kind of chinese noodles (eh, it just sounded good).

I caught up on laundry and tried to figure out what I am going to wear this weekend for our upcoming girls trip. We are headed to wine country for two nights. Sadly it’s not to Napa, but Colorado actually has some great local vineyards about 4 hours west of Denver. Should be fun!

Then it was off to boot camp!

Since it’s Tuesday, we worked on our lower body.  I have to tell you that after last weeks class, I couldn’t move my legs until Friday(so embarrassing). You should have seen me shuffle through the airport on Thursday night. I felt like I was ninety and needed to walk with a cane. Yikes!

Tonight was a little better. Jennifer still had us doing dead lifts, lots of lunges, and squats, but after seeing how she works, I felt way more comfortable.

My favorite move so far has been holding a bar between our thighs and doing squats. It looks really sexual, but I’m telling you, your inner things will feel the burn.

After today, I am spent.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Wednesday!

QUESTION of THE DAY: What is the most random thing you have eaten for dinner?