summer twenty eleven


No, really….whoa.

Where did this summer go?

(speaking into a megaphone): “Ahem. Excuse me? Could someone please tell me where summer went? She seems to have disappeared? Anyone? Buehler?”

In a way I am not ready for summer to be over. It’s hard to say goodbye to backyard barbecues, drinks on the patio, and boat rides on the lake. But to be honest, my heart belongs to fall. From the foliage to the pumpkins to butternut squash soups to college football, I could marinate in fall forever.

Alright, I could go on for days. Let’s just get to the recap. Mmmkay?

Here are my summer, twenty eleven highlights:

~ Visiting the Springer’s in L.A. over Memorial weekend
– Act One
– Act Two
– Act Three

~ Finishing our balcony
So much to do, so little time
– First meal on the grill

~ Hiking Red Rocks with Listy, Chance and Megan
– Hiking into the weekend 

~ Kickball with the Muffins
– Stud Muffins vs My Couch Pull’s Out, But I Don’t
– Stud Muffins vs Pub on Pen
– Stud Muffins vs Fusionbox

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~ Painting and drinking with Listy, Tina, and Kaite
– Canvas and Cocktails

~ Playing in Steamboat Springs with the Griswold’s
– A Day of Sun
– Red, White and Blue…
– Wildlife at 10,000 feet
– An un-day
– Rain, rain, go way…
– Is that hail?

~ Heather’s Bach Party in Wichita
– HMJ Bash – Part One

– HMJ Bash – Part Two

~ New road bikes!
– Around we go.

~ Table Rock Lake with the Wurth family 
– Boat day!
– Gotta get down on Friday.
– Busy bee

~ Eating this, this, and this…
– Tiramisu cupcakes
– Barbecue chickpea pizza
– Petite lasagnas
– Portobello burgers

And now, bring on the cool weather!

QUESTION of THE DAY: What was your favorite part of summer?