feeling much lighter

Hi friends!

How was your Tuesday?

Hopefully swell.

I woke up this morning thinking about the rest of the world. And it wasn’t thoughts of world peace, although if I were to throw in my two cents, I would tell everyone to simmer down. It’s like the whole world has this permanent wedgie, and if everyone would take a second to breathe and pull the wedgie out, things could be a lot easier. Am I right? Right.

Back to my thought. As I was lying in bed cuddling with my lovie pillow, I wondered how many people in the world slept with one pillow? Then I thought, how many ordinary people in the world slept with two pillows like me? And of course, I couldn’t even comprehend how someone could sleep with three or more pillows! That’s totes to many pillows in my opinion.

How many pillows do you sleep with? Be honest….

After my thought provoking conversation in my head, I was ready to take on the world.

As I drove to work this morning, I was glad I brought a warm jacket because it was freaking 50 degrees outside! I don’t mind the cooler the weather, in fact, I love it because that means ski season will be here very soon. Check out all of that snow on the mountains. Jazz hands!

Todays work outfit was inspired by the cooler weather. Brown, black, and grey are probably my top three  favorite fall colors. I guess if I had to choose, grey would be numero uno.

But I went with a brown color scheme for today. The first picture is with the jacket I wore this morning. The next picture is obviously without. What do think?

Cardigan: Gap
Brown Shirt: Banana Republic
Skinny Jeans: Gap (*big fan of rolling the ends up!)
Brown Flats: Antonio Melani
Pearl Bracelet: Dillard’s
Brown Jacket: Gap

Since I committed gluttony over of the weekend, I have been trying to eat “healthier” this week. I made a huge salad last night for dinner with roasted chickpeas on top for some protein (remind me to share this recipe with you).

Well today for lunch, I actually ate tofu! OMG. Crazy, right? I picked up a couple of pieces at Whole Foods yesterday and it was actually quite tasty. They marinated the tofu in a sweet-chili sauce and then grilled it. Delish.  Jamie would be so proud!

After work, I stopped by Wash Park to run. The weather was gorgeous this afternoon, seventy and sunny. I think one of my favorite things about running in the fall is listening to the leaves crunch under my feet. There’s something about that sound that brings back all sorts of memories of playing in the leaves as a child.

My run was okay. I am trying to work on improving my speed and in order to accomplish that, I am having to do tempo runs. I don’t mind them so much because that means I don’t have to run far and it goes by fast. But still, they are tough!

Once I arrived home, I had random stuff to do around the house. Still trying to finish up laundry from this past weekend. Then I was off to boot camp. Jennifer had us working on our core and lower body tonight. The damn plank position still gives me trouble!


Oh, well.

See ya tomorrow!