running around

Hola amigos!

This week is flying by, which is fantastic because Allie arrives tomorrow! Hip-hip-hooray!

But before the BFF lands in Denver, I have some major stuff to-do. We still need to register our new Jeep. Mr. B and I tried to do it last Friday, but there was a three and half hour wait. Um, hell-to-the-no. There was no way we were wasting a gorgeous Friday afternoon sitting in the DMV (a.k.a the seventh layer of hell). So we bolted, and decided that we should go during the middle of the week.

Well, Mr. B tried to go back this morning right when they opened, but no joke, there was already thirty-seven people in line! W.T.F. He had a meeting at 9:30am that he couldn’t miss, so guess who’s strolling to the hood tomorrow morning…this girl. All you gangsta’s better watch out!

Besides registering the Jeep, I still need to pick up the dry cleaning, go to the grocery store, bake pumpkin muffins for Saturdays watch party at our place, and look for Halloween costumes. Oh, and speaking of Halloween, my mom sent me this picture of me dressed up as a bunny.

There are three things I noticed right away when I first looked at this picture:

– My Dad is wearing a pink shirt. Rebel.
– Ferdinand, the dummy on the front porch, is imitating Michael Jackson.
– I look like Ralphie from the Christmas Story!

Gotta’ love the 80’s.

Moving on…

Okay, do you remember when I found a pair of pillows at World Market for our couch yesterday? Of course you do, that’s why I love you.

Anyways, what do you think?

Before (pillows from the “Wal-marts”)…

After (pillows from World Market)…

I think the new pillows are prettier and actually give the couch some life. Since we don’t get a lot of natural light in our apartment, I wanted a pillow that was brighter. The best part, they are super comfy!

Since this weekend is going to be crazy, Mr. B and I decided to spend our evening with a stroll around the neighborhood. We had lots to catch up on.

But first, a to-go cup.

The weather is absolutely perfect right now. I swear nothing is better then a cool, crisp fall night.

Off to watch Restaurant Impossible!