the d.m.v. and other things

I can be dramatic sometimes.

This is not a secret. 
As I mentioned last night, I had to visit the DMV this morning. I will be honest, going to public places like the DMV causes me to have major anxiety. Why? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is bacteria. Hearing people cough and watching them wipe their noses, while they sit in their seat make me gag. I can’t help it, but you don’t know where those hands have been. Second, paperwork. What if I don’t have everything? What if something isn’t filled out correctly? What if I am missing something so simple as my checkbook? And lastly, safety. Oh yes, safety. People are crazy. You have no idea who is going to walk through the door, get pissed off and start to throw down.
Now, given all of that, do you know what happened this morning? Nothing. I arrived ten minutes after the DMV opened and waited for about an hour before my number was called. All of that anxiety that I had been building up since yesterday afternoon was a total waste of time. No one was coughing or sniffling in the waiting room. I had all of my paperwork, and no one died. 
(Note to self: Chillax. Don’t be a Drama Queen). 
After my victorious visit to the DMV, I headed to work. 
Todays outfit reminded me of the movie Clueless staring Alicia Silverstone. Do you remember the part where she is looking for her “most capable looking outfit” because she was going to the DMV for her driving test? This was probably one of my favorite scenes because Lucy, her maid is cleaning the kitchen and Cher (Alicia’s character) asks where her Fred Siegel shirt is at? She says its at the cleaners. Well, Cher replies back, “Lucy you know I don’t speak Mexican.” Then Lucy stomps off and says, “I’m not a Mexican!” It’s hysterical.
Anyways, I thought this was my most capable looking outfit for the DMV. 
Black sweater: Banana Republic
Skinny Jeans: Gap
Oxford: Gap
Flats: Gianni Bini
Necklace: Urban Outfitters. 
I stopped by the g-tore after work to pick up a few items for brunch on Saturday. I am making an egg casserole and pumpkin muffins. Everyone else is bringing booze for Bloody’s and Mimosas, and I think Jerad is making biscuits and gravy. YUM.
Once I arrived home, I had a few things to finish up around the house, and then I was off to boot camp. Can I just state for the record that I am still sore from last Thursdays upper body workout? I am pretty my weakness resembled that of Mr. Burns. I could barely take the trash out without my arms hurting. 
Jennifer had us doing more upper body lifting. This workout was definitely better than last weeks. I think I am getting stronger because my arms don’t shake as bad when I am doing dips. 
Once boot camp was over, I bolted home to change because I was meeting Allie, Erica, and Jason at Willie G’s for dinner. 
I was so excited to see Allie that I forgot to take pictures of our dinner and ourselves. Ooops! 
Oh well.
Now it’s time for the weekend to start!