opposite sides

Happy hump day friends!

This week is zooming by. I feel like Christmas Day will be here in no time! Am I right?

Oh, and speaking of Christmas, I am having the hardest time deciding what to ask Santa this year. What are you asking for? Leg warmers? Boots? Trip to Capri? Something sparkly? More sleep?

Anyways, I thought about asking Santa for one of these guys:

Cooking class. Cook Street, a culinary school down the street from us, teaches a class on how to make sauces. How bad ass would that be?!

– Ski wear. What do you think about these jackets? Fur, or no fur?

– Tripod. As much as I love standing on my kitchen table trying to get the right food shot, I need too upgrade. Plus, Mr. B and I can take this outdoors for some sick skiing shots!

– Light Room 3. I hear it’s the best photo editing out there! Only problem, I will more than likely have to hire someone to teach me how to operate the darn thing. Who has time to read a photo editing manual?

– Camera. I love Mr.B’s Japanese tourist camera, but I need something that’s between a dSLR and an iPhone.  I thought about getting the Canon G11. Simple. Cute. Efficient.

– Running shoes. Enough said.

I think that’s a pretty good start. Oh yeah, can you recommend any good books to read? I have wayyyyyy to many fiance/business books and need to get some fiction going on in my life!

Moving on…

Todays work outfit was genius! {insert: toot of horn} My attire literally came together in 2.2 seconds. This never happens people. NEVER. I wanted to wear something warm and comfy, but chic. I put on my skinny jeans, zipped up my Fergie boots, and threw on my new blue sweater. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed something was missing.

Don’t ask why, but in that moment, I immediately thought of the color wheel. They say in fashion to use colors on the opposite side of the wheel if you want to create a more dramatic look. Hmmm…what color is across from blue? Oh yeah, yellow (thank goodness I paid attention in the first grade)! I grabbed my neon-yellow scarf from the back of the closet, and voila! Super fun outfit.

Blue sweater: BCBG (50% off sale!)
Skinny jeans: Nordstroms B.P.
Boots: Fergie
Silver bracelet: Dillards
Neon-Yellow scarf: Gap

But my sassy feeling was short lived.
Mr. B texted me around noon and told me that he had to head back to Hobbs, New Mexico to fix  an engine at one of their pipeline stations. The worst part, he had to leave tonight! I was completely deflated the rest of the day. I hate when he leaves. I don’t mind the travel, but when there is no return flight scheduled that doesn’t sit well with me. Keep your fingers crossed that he returns on Tuesday. K? Thanks!
After work, I raced home to catch Mr. B before he left for the airport. I helped him pack and made him a light dinner because he wouldn’t land until 10pm. Then I kissed him goodbye, sulked for a little bit, and then got to work on dinner. 
If anything thing could cure my blues it would be:
– Dale’s Pale Ale

– Turkey burger with jalapeno cheese
And watching GLEE!