twenty eleven resolutions revisited

Happy New Years Eve Friends! 

Do you have big plans tonight? 
Do your plans require a black dress, suede pumps and shiny lip gloss? Or perhaps a tux with a crisp, white oxford? 
Whatever your plans are for the big bash, don’t forget to drink lots of bubbly!

Mr. B and I are headed to Vail to ring in the New Year with a small group of friends. We made it back safely from San Diego last night and have spent the day doing the typical reentry stuff – laundry, cleaning, and unpacking. 
Anyways, I almost forgot my New Year resolutions! Below is my list for 2011 and I thought it would be fun to go through and see what the heck I did this year. 
Here we go…
CGM’s 2011 New Years Resolutions Revisited: 
1. Run a marathon.
– Done! Read the race recap here
2. Go on at least two trips with Mr. B, scuba and ski!
– Sadly we didn’t get to take a ski or scuba trip this year. Tear. But this resolution will definitely be added to the 2012 list because next year we will have been married for 5 years! And that calls for an epic trip. I see Italy in my near future…
3. Re-do our office space in our loft. This has been a goal since 2007 when we moved here.
– This resolution is still in the making. I think it may be completed in 2015, but that’s being optimistic. Does anyone have any tips on how to redo a small office? I need help!
4. Take another acting class.  (Voice-over, YES!)
– Done! Check out some of my class recaps here and here
5. Complete a triathlon.
– Another one to add to 2012. We didn’t end up getting road bikes until the end of August (ooops!), which didn’t leave us enough time to train properly and sign up for a race. 
6. Write my own recipes.
– I wrote two this year! (1) Naan Supreme Pizza (2) Fork and Knife Burger 
7. Take professional culinary classes.
– I can’t believe I didn’t do this one. Shame on me! 
8. Take a photography class.
– Well…I technically haven’t taken an actual class, but I did pick up a food photography book and I asked Santa for a tripod this Christmas. Does that count?
9. Volunteer more.
– Um, not even close. I am really bad about volunteering and helping non-profit organizations out. I need to step up my game next year! 
10. Continue working on my blogging skills.
– Done! I successfully posted 52 Foodie Fridays this year! I think this resolution will remain on my list every year because it forces me to challenge myself. Plus, lets face it, I’m addicting to blogging. 
Well, there you have it! 
I can honestly say this year has been one BIG adventure. From running a marathon to traveling to taking a voice-over class, I think 2011 was one for the books. But I have a funny feeling 2012 is might be….LEGEND….wait for it….ARY. 
Cheers, and see you in the New Year!