raise your glass

Raise your hand if you watched the State of the Union address last night?

Did you even know that it was on?
Yeah, me neither.
Okay, that’s not technically true. Since we keep CNBC on at the office, I remember the correspondents squawking about how ol’ Barry would be on the tube, but truth be told, I forgot too watch. Ooops. 
Even though I didn’t watch the address, luckily the “internets” provided me with a good recap of the speech this morning. As I was searching news articles, I came across a particular article that sparked my curiosity. Did you know there is a whole drinking game associated with the State of the Union address? Crazy, right? If I would have known about this, you bet your sweet bootie I would have been watching!

Anyways, I thought I would share with you a couple of the rules: 
Every time President Obama says…
 – “Hope” – Take 1 shot
–  “Let me be clear ” – Take 1 shot
“Make no mistake” – Take a drink
“Deficit” – finish your drink; borrow the drink of the person next to you and drink it too
“China or North Korea or Cuba” – Take a drink of something red with your left hand
Moving soberly on.
After the snowfall yesterday, low and behold, it was sixty and sunny today in Denver. I’m telling you, people think it’s freakin’ freezing here during the winter. Psshhhhhh…so not true. Actually, could we just keep that last statement a secret between us friends? K. Thanks.
Days like today make me antsy for sundresses, flip-flops, fresh berries and a high country margaritas Sadly it will have to wait. Tear. Until summer officially arrives, I decided to take advantage of the warm rays of sunshine and jogged in Wash Park after work. 

As I was jogging, I quickly realized that next week registration officially opens for the Chicago Marathon! I need some input. Yay or Nay? Should I run this bad boy or not? After running The Big D, I vowed to run another marathon. I felt robbed, disappointed, and flat out pissed that I had to run a marathon in 90-degree heat. I swore up and down after that race I would have my revenge and finish a marathon under five hours. But the question I keep asking myself “is Chicago the right choice?” Am I ready? Do I have the time? Well, I have a week to decide! AHHH!
Good thing dinner didn’t have any decision making involved whatsoever. I sautéed some ground turkey last night in anticipation for tacos tonight! All I had to do when I arrived home was sauté some peppers and onions reheat the ground turkey and assemble. Easy, peasy. 

Do you know what else is easy? Watching the K-State Men’s Basketball team beat up on the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Booyah!
P.S. Check out CGM on this lil’ website!