define excitement

Mr. B and I were discussing the presidential election last week.

Or was it the week before that?
I swear the last two weeks have been one GIANT blur. Can you believe March 1st is this Thursday? I can’t even begin to handle that.  
Anyways, we were discussing if Obama had a good chance of being reelected for another term, which then led to more politic conversation that I won’t bore you with. But somehow, in the midst of debating what this country really needs in terms of leadership, I blurted out that if the president called me asking for advice, I don’t think I would be that excited. Mr. B looked at me with an utterly confused face. He then said, “Seriously? You wouldn’t be the least bit surprised or intrigued?” I replied with assurance, “Yeah, I don’t think I would be that jazz hands excited.” Mr. B, “That’s a little weird. Okay, then who would be the one person you would flip out if they called you?” I quickly answered, “Giada, duuuuuuuh!” Mr. B, “Figures.”
Moving on.
I would love to pretend that this would be the week where life gets back to regular scheduled programming. Alas that will not be happening. I really shouldn’t complain because this week is actually going to be a ton of fun. First of all, my little brother is coming into town tomorrow night to hang out until Friday. Then we all head down to Phoenix to for my Dad’s graduation this weekend. He is getting his doctorate in Health Sciences! I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that I will soon be able to call my dad Dr. Wurth. Weird. But cool.
Even though this week won’t be completely “normal”, I figure I have today and tomorrow to do a couple of routine things. 
For starters, how about a fashion bathroom shot? You know you’ve missed me. Okay, maybe just a little? The wind in Denver has been crazy town – 90mph gusts on the front range! Is that even possible? Anyways, I figured I better bundle up today and wear a sweater along with wool pants. 
Black sweater: Gap
Gray pants: Express
Black cowboy boots: Sheplers
Necklace: The Limited
Purple and Silver bracelets: Dillards
Plus, I had to throw on a little K-State bling since the boys played the Texas A&M Aggies tonight. Go STATE!
I ran my typical errands after work…World Market for booze, Target for toilet paper, and Whole Foods for dinner. OH.EM.GEE. I almost forgot to tell you. Boulder is getting a Trader Joes in the next couple of months, which means Denver is on deck! Friends, you have no idea how flipping excited I am to shop at a Traders Joes! This is life changing! 
And breathe
Dinner was an oldie, but a goodie. I tend to always make some kind of Mexican dish during the week. My Mom would always make enchiladas or tostadas when we were little. I’m assuming because it was easy to throw together and can feed a ton of people. Mom’s are so smart.

Tonight, instead of making the usual beef tacos, I swiped it for ground turkey thighs. Trust me, it’s delicious and healthy! The little bit of extra fat helps the turkey to not dry out as quickly, plus it adds flavor!

Quick question, does this happen in your household? 

See ya! 

P.S. Happy Birthday to my bestie Allie over at My Charmed Caffrey Life! Love ya friend!