cheeks to squeeze

Hi friends!

How are you? I hope your week is going well. 
This week…
{We interrupt our regular scheduled post to bring you more pictures of Ms. Josie June Wurth. Look at her hair, and those cheeks! Squeal!}

{This concludes our newborn update for this evening. Back to you Bob!}
…is just bananas. I have a zillions things to do before we leave for Kansas City on Thursday, and I ‘m a tad bit concerned about not getting it all done. It’s my own fault really. I am one of those crazy people that likes to work under pressure and enjoys the challenge of trying to cross everything off the to-do list all at once. Why? I dunno know. Maybe I should go on Dr. Phil? Or better yet, Martha Stewart? If anything, I could at least get some killer organizing tips. 
I digress. 
I stopped by Uncle Norides on my way home from work today to return a couple of dresses, look for a Derby hat, and find Ms. Josie a gift. A couple of weeks ago I tried on some spring dresses, but didn’t find anything that tickled my fancy. So I went to the “intrawebs” and ordered a few I thought might work. Well, lo and behold, two did! One is for a wedding this coming Saturday, and the other, for the Denver Derby party. Two out of four ain’t bad y’all! 
I didn’t find a Derby hat. Rats. Thankfully I picked up a pink beach hat at Target a few weeks ago that I plan on bedazzling with the girls. DIY is always a good go-to. I found a couple of things for Josie that I am jazz hands excited to give her. Nordstroms has the best selection of infant to toddler to kids clothing. Plus, the shoe section makes me smile! How cute are these sparkly Tom’s?

Once I was done shopping, I headed home to quickly change into my running gear for run club. By the way….it was freaking 90 degrees today! Thankfully by the time 6:30pm rolled around it wasn’t nearly as hot, but still, homegirl here doesn’t run well in the heat. I ended up running with Megan and her friend Lorin. 

Run club is quickly becoming my new favorite thing to do. Not only do I get to meet new people, but running with strangers forces me to pick up my pace. Lookout Chicago!

After run club, I headed back home to make dinner and work on my to-do list. T- minus 2 days until I get to squeeze those sweet, Josie cheeks!
See ya!