marathon monday

How was your weekend? Did you relax? Did you plant green things? Did you tackle your to-do list?  
Mr.B and I laid low this weekend which was fan-freaking-tastic! We ended up having an impromptu date night at Jax’s on Friday where we sipped gin martini’s, ate a dozen oysters, and conversed about everything under the sun. Things have been so crazy lately that it was nice to stop and connect for two seconds. 
We had plans to attend closing day at Vail on Sunday, but the weather ended up being nasty. Who wants to party in 80’s ski wear on top of a mountain when it’s 45 degrees and blowing snow? Not I. Instead, we threw our own closing day party and watched Modern Family on Netflix, made Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Tortilla Soup, and sipped red wine. 
Thankfully the low key weekend will extend into this week. Other than prepping for the in-law’s visit (Hi Chuck and Susie!) and run club on Tuesday, this week should be pretty calm. Oh, and speaking of run club, did anyone watch the Boston Marathon this morning? I followed the race via Twitter and everyone kept talking about the 90 degree heat. I immediately thought back to last year when I ran The Big D marathon. Not only was I nervous because it was my first marathon, but it was 75 when I started the race. Es no bueno. By the time I finished, it was 95! Do wha? 
I remember having to stop constantly to drink water, stretch, and make sure that I didn’t overheat. It was beyond frustrating, and frankly, mentally draining because I kept stopping and starting. Luckily my mother jumped in and ran the last five miles with me, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have finished. Needless to say, I felt sorry for all of the runners this morning. It seriously sucks to run in heat. 
Case in point. 
Check out the time difference between the winners from last year and this year! Effing heat, people. Effing heat. 
2011 -> Male: 2:03 Female: 2:22
2012 -> Male: 2:12 Female: 2:31
So you can bet your sweet tookus that I will be praying every single night for gorgeous weather when Listy and I run the Chicago Marathon in October. Yes, I realize it’s six months away, but homegirl here is doing everything in her power to never run a 90 degree race again. Or I will go Wayne Brady on a bi*$h.

Since today is Marathon Monday, I definitely had to get a run in this afternoon. I hit the pavement around our apartment and channeled my inner marathon spirit. I was determined to push myself because lately my runs haven’t been all that great. I wonder if booze and lack of sleep have anything to do with that? Geesh. 

Anyways, I ended up running five miles and felt strong the entire time (hmmm….look what a little determination will get you!). My legs were definitely tired once I finished, but it was the “good” kind of tired. I think my plan for the next couple of months is to gradually work up my base so when training officially starts in June, I won’t feel overwhelmed. Sound good? 
Once again, congrats to all the #Boston Marathon runners! 
Question(s) of the day: 

How do you motivate yourself when things get tough? 

If you’re a runner, what are some of your tips for coping with the heat during a race?

Have you ever gone Wayne Brady on someone?