around the world


What’s up Wednesday? 
Fancy meeting you here. 
How in theheck did you get here so fast? Let me guess. I missed the memo that teleporting is no longer a theory? Fantastic. Why do I always miss the good memos? Oh, that’s right, it’s because I spent eight hours yesterday trying to transfer money from one side of the world to other. Riddle me this batman. In this advance technological day where a 91 year-old can use an iPad, why is it so hard to move money from one continent to another? The answer, I haven’t a freakin’ clue. It’s truly mind baffling. 
Pardon my rant. Yesterday was not the most stellar of days. 
Thankfully run club occurred last night and I was able to obtain a quick endorphin fix that put my focus back on track. Oh, and I had little help from my friend, Pale Ale. He really knows how to show a girl a good time. 
This morning I woke up in a much better mood and felt ready to conquer the world. Unfortunately, my partner in crime was not in the same shape. Poor Mr.B may have a stomach bug. This is the second time this year he has come down with something nasty. Maybe they should just spray his entire office building with Lysol and call it a day? It’s either that, or I am sending him to work in a hazmat suit from now on.

It was all quiet on the western work front today (praise the Lord). Funny how twenty-four hours can make all difference in the world. In case you were wondering, I did mange to get the money transferred. How, I still don’t have a clue. I’m just glad the shenanigans are behind me for the time being.
I headed straight home after work to check on Mr. B. He seems to be doing better, but more than likely, he will need another full day to recover. Thankfully he put his ego aside and didn’t go into work today. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves is when co-workers come strolling into the office and start hacking up a lung. Seriously, just stay home because I don’t want your nasty mucus all over me and my cute nude pumps. 
Anyways, Mr. B decided that he wanted to go for a walk since he had been cooped up in the apartment all day. We strolled along the Cherry Creek bike path and soaked up some much needed rays of sun. Hopefully Mr. B will feel better tomorrow. 
For dinner tonight I decided to make a bolognese recipe from Bev Cooks. I swapped the ground beef for ground boneless turkey thighs to keep things healthy, and added a handful of fresh basil instead of parsley. It was quite delish.

Oh, and before I forget! Check out my first attempt at newborn photography. My little niece, Josie, was the perfect model. A big thanks to John and Sarah for letting me snap a couple of pictures!

See ya!