the guard

Two things happened last night.

The first, I picked up this contraption.

I am now officially apart of the night guard crew {sarcastically cheers, yeah!}. I am not going to lie this “guard” is wicked tight. I’m assuming that’s the point? What if I wake up in the middle of night and need to scream for help, and I can’t get the guard out of my mouth? Maybe it should come with a warning label: Intended for teeth guarding only. Will not guard against the boogie man.

The second thing that happened last night, mission “DIY Derby Hat” was completed. After Tuesday’s adventure to Ms. Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, I decided to get down to business and start the epic gluing battle (if you’re wondering why the hot glue gun matches my pink hat, complete coincidence. Scout’s honor).

I went through about half dozen glue sticks and nearly burned off my index finger in the process, but I think the hat is good to go. Lets just pray the bad boy holds together. Finished product will be revealed on Saturday!

In other news, I just realized I haven’t posted a bathroom fashion picture in a while. Since summer is quickly approaching, and the need to where lighter clothing is becoming a necessity, I decided to put on this light top.

I love the bright yellow with the ruffled neckline, but my repulsive farmers tan from last year takes this top from fab to drab. {Note to self: run in tank tops like a normal person!}

Yellow ruffle top: Gap
Gray long sweater: Gap
Dark jeans: Gap
Brown flats: Antonio Melani
Silver Necklace: The Limited 
(**this picture is not sponsored by Gap 😀 ) 

Besides the usual afternoon of “running of the errands”, I managed to accomplish quite a lot today. I finally finished up editing pictures of Josie I snapped last weekend. For the record, learning how to use Photoshop has become my new past time. It will get easier, right? Hopefully John and Sarah will like the pictures because that’s really all that matters. I also made some head way on my photograph posts! More to come on that in a few months. #jazzhands

Tonight’s dinner is one of my favorite summer themed meals.

Grilled corn on the cob, check.

Chicken brats with all the fixings, check.

Cold beer, check.

Summer….ah, heck. Check, double-diggity, check!

Have a pleasant evening!