25 amazing and useful gifts for babies from newborn up to one year! Books, puzzles, clothing, and toys. This guide is chock-full of stuff that is not only helpful when raising a child, but fun too!

After a year of parenthood under my belt, I can safely say that this guide is my go-to for either first-time parents, grandparents, or any caretaker. All of these gifts are useful, fun, and don’t break the bank!

Take a peek around because there is a lot of great stuff!

1) Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See: This book is the best! Whether you use it for tummy or pre-nap reading time this book is so visual and fun. It’s Charlie’s favorite book!

2) Minnie Mouse Stacker: Such a great toy for babies and toddlers. Work on motor skills, coordination, sorting, color, etc. Also, comes in other colors!

3) Climbing Foam Play Set: Bring the playground to your home! This is on our Christmas list because Charlie climbs on everything. These pieces are safe, fun, and let kids get some energy out!

4) No-Spill Tumbler Bubble: Keep the bubbles going all day long with zero spills!

5) Huggable Stuffed Animal: Not only are these adorable animals super soft, but they were great when a baby needs to hold, grab, or love on something!

6) BabyBjorn Newborn Baby Carrier: I’m pretty sure Charlie spent the first 6 months of her life in this carrier. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and comes in fun colors too!

7) Beaded Pacifier Clip: Keep that binky from hitting the floor with this pacifier clip!

8) Melissa and Doug Puzzles: My sister-in-law got these for Charlie and she’s obsessed with them. The handles are bigger which makes it easy for her to use and identify the dog, fish, etc.

9) Jumbo crayons: Little ones are still working on their motor skills, but these jumbo crayons help them get a grip so they can color!

10) Ugg Boots: I mean, why not look sassy during winter?

11) Zutano Cotton: Okay, if you really need a shoe that will stay on the kiddos feet…..get the Zutano Cotton Booties. Also, come in a variety of colors!

12) Honest Baby Kit: Love Honest products and this kit is a great way to set up any new parent or caretaker! The lavender is Charlie’s favorite!

13) Elephant Musical Stuffed Animal: This sweet animal is the best! Charlie loves dancing and playing it. Also, great distraction when a little one is on the changing table.

14) Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube: Want a little Mozart genius on your hands? This cube teaches 8 Mozart masterpieces and is portable so you can bring it around the house and have a dance party…I mean music lesson.

15) Bath Pipes: These are also on Charlie’s Christmas list. Girl loves to take a bath and these should keep her occupied while in the tub!

16) Baby Einstein Magic Curiosity Tablet: Let’s just say this will be purchase before we head on our road trip back home for the holidays.

17) Guess How Much I Love Book: One of my favorite books for babies. It’s such a sweet story, but the sensory play you get from this book is amazing!

18) Pottery Barn Personalized Hooded Towel: Charlie has one of these towels and it’s so fun! Such a great gift for a new parent or caretaker!

19) 3-Stage Activity Center: Besides the baby carrier I’m pretty sure Charlie also hung out in this activity center. I love all the toys, but the stand grows with the kid which is awesome!

20) Sophie Teething Toy: Sophie is popular in our household. Not only does Charlie love to nibble on her so does Juniper!

21) Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Remote: Such a good distraction for them if you need to tinkle or pull a casserole out of the oven. Kids love this remote!

22) Avocado Baby Stroller: When Charlie was a baby she loved looking at the avocado fellow. Kind look like truck nuts, but I promise the baby only sees a smiling avocado.

23) Stacking Cups: These are huge right now with Charlie. Great for hand-eye coordination!

24) Wooden Play Mat: Such a great way to work on tummy time, sensory play, and more! Also, easy to clean!

25) Tummy Time Mirror: Add this mirror to your tummy time adventures and let the giggles begin!

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