25 amazing gifts for the home cook! Kitchen utensils, food storage, spice mixes, and the perfect skillet. You’ll find something in this list for the home cook who has everything!

As a food blogger, I get a lot of questions regarding what I use to cook. Honestly, I keep it simple. I’m a big believer in good mixing bowls, sharp knives, sturdy cutting boards and non-stick skillets. Plus, you can never go wrong with electric wine opener! From there it’s just a matter of diving in!

So, below are 25 amazing kitchen gifts that I use on a regular basis as well as stuff that’s great for home entertaining. Take a peek and get slicing!

1) Mini Maker Electric Griddle: Counter space is key when it comes to cooking and entertaining. That’s why I love this mini maker. It makes pancakes, burgers, cookies and more without eating up your kitchen real estate!

2) Premium Cocktail Shaker Bar Set: Let’s be real over the holidays we are mixing up a lot cocktails at home. So why not use the best tools to make a great cocktail. This set will definitely get the job done!

3) Tea Forte Warming Box Set: Can’t go to England this year for tea? Well, this handcrafted tea box set will bring joy to the tea drinker in your life!

4) Long Stem Wine Glasses: Is there a theme of booze in 2020 or what? These long stem wine glasses are so elegant are the perfect glass to have around for small gatherings.

5) Bee’s Wrap: 100% obsessed with this product. I use it all the time. I wrapped a sliced apple in it, left the apple in the fridge for 3 days and there was zero browning! Start wrapping folks!

6) Italian Cheesemaking Kit: Um, if you can’t get to Italy this year, why not make some Italian cheese at home? This kit looks like so much fun and you get to make over 10 cheeses!

7) Avocado Huggers: We go through avocados daily with Charlie. These avocado food huggers definitely keep them fresh!

8) The Home Edit Book: Since we are staying at home more often these days this book is essential at maxing your homes potential. Think max organizational dreams come true!

9) Handheld Smoking Gun: For the home entertainer that loves to put on a show this Handheld Smoking Gun will add oooooh and ahhhhhhs to your next small gathering! Great for cocktails, but also adds smoke flavor to chicken, beef, or even dessert!

10) Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit: Mastered sourdough? Done whipping casseroles? Give the home chef a culinary boost with this Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit!

11) BBQ Wireless Meat Thermometer: We used this thermometer every day this summer. Takes the guess work out of knowing whether your meat is cooked to temp or not!

12) Global Chef Knife: The only knife a chef or home cook will ever NEED.

13) Modern Comfort Cooking Cookbook: I’ll toot my own horn and say this cookbook is a must have. For reals, it is!

14) Electric Wine Opener: Here’s to getting wine opened lickty-split!

15) Red Clip and Drain: Who has time for colanders anymore? Not I! This clip and drain is genius and will save you an extra step!

16) Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel: Love this idea! Take your grandmothers hand written recipe cards and place them on a tea towel. Such a personal and fun gift for any cook or entertainer!

17) Snoop Dogg Cookbook: It’s soul cooking at its finest.

18) Silicone Cupcake Liners: I use these all the time whether making muffins or min meatloaves. It’s so nice to be able to wash and reuse them. Plus, nothing sticks to these liners either!

19) Glass Meal Prep Containers: The price point and structure of these prep containers are amazing! Best way to store and prep any ingredients!

20) Boos Cutting Board: This cutting board is a work horse in my kitchen. Love the size and easy to clean!

21) STAUB Cast Iron Skillet: STAUB is the best. Period. I know the price point is higher, but I’m telling you it lasts!!!

22) Mini Prep Plus Food Processor: I use this more than my pro food processor. Much more agile and easy to use!

23) Mini Silicone Spatulas: These mini spatulas are so versatile. Great for mixing or scooping out mayo, peanut butter, etc!

24) Stasher Bag: I had a moment on whether to jump on the stasher train. Let me tell you should definitely jump on the train. They are amazing. They keep stuff fresh and let’s be real, not throwing away Ziplocs feels pretty good!

25) All-Clad Nonstick Frying Pan: Every cook needs a skillet. Stick with all-clad and you won’t be disappointed!

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