Stud Muffins: Rain Cancellation

Village BBQ

More Telluride

Silver Lake Hike

Quiet…I’m Hunting Wabbit’s

Stud Muffins: Bi-Week

Bronco’s Game

River Sweep

Rockies Game


Stud Muffins vs. Cleats & Cleavage


Stud Muffins vs. Snacks on Snacks

Summer’s Not Over, Just Yet

Stud Muffins vs. Smack My Pitch Up

Stud Muffins vs. Pitches Be Crazy

Stud Muffins vs. Swamp Donkey’s

Colorado Trail Run

Are You a Warrior? Part One

Are You a Warrior? Part Two

Heading to Breck

Stud Muffins vs. PBR me ASAP and Smack My Pitch Up

Elk Meadow Trail Run

Hitting It Hard at Hidden Lake