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Traveling has always been a part of my life. As a little kid my parents would take my two brothers and I on road trips across the country far away from the Disney lights. We would load up the brown mini-van with our favorite musings, pack a cooler full of peanut butter and jelly crust-less sandwiches, map our course on a AAA paper map, and hit the open road.

The same “hit the open road” spirit is with me today. For me, traveling is not just about discovering the world, but also yourself. Getting lost and not being able to speak the local language forces you to rely on yourself and adapt. Trying unusual foods or experiencing different customs can expand your horizon and feed your curious nature.

I have been very fortunate to have traveled to some pretty amazing locations over the years. To name a few…Paris, London, NYC, Costa Rica, Miami, Japan, San Francisco, Napa, L.A., Lake Tahoe, Telluride, and many more.

Below are my recaps, guides, and general travel highlights. Take a look around, get curious, and start planning. You never know where the road will take you.

January 2016
Leadville, CO: 5 Reasons to Visit Tennessee Pass & Ski Cooper

December 2015:
Park City, Utah: Solitude Mountain Resort: Hidden Ski Destination

October 2015
Taste Idaho Tour: 72 Hours in Idaho
Iowa City, Iowa: Pass the Pork Blogger Tour

May 2015
Portland, Oregon: Indulge Conference

March 2015
Girls’ Ski Weekend Getaway at Deer Valley

February 2015
Tokyo, Japan: Day Three
Tokyo, Japan: Day Two
Tokyo, Japan: Day One
Niesko United Mountain, Japan: Day Two
Niesko United Mountain, Japan: Day One

January 2015
Cooper Mountain: Yurtcation at Tennesse Pass

October 2014
Cleveland, Ohio: American Dairy Association Mideast Adventure

September 2014
Vail, CO: Vail Top Shelf Harvest

August 2014
Biarritz, France: Part One
Biarritz, France: Part Two
Biarritz, France: Part Three
Biarritz, France: Part Four

May 2014
Miami, FL: BlogHer Food Conference

April 2014
Temecula, CA: Big Traveling Potluck

February 2014
Park City, Utah: Deer Valley

January 2014
New York City, New York

December 2013
Inspired Retreat: Park City, Utah

October 2013
Iowa Cornquest Trip

August 2013
Table Rock Lake

July 2013
Nassau, Bahamas

June 2013
Charleston, South Carolina
Austin, Texas

March 2013
Steamboat Springs: Steamboat Insta-Style

January 2013
Kansas City: A Weekend in Kansas City

December 2012
Mixed Conference: Pembroke, VA
Vieques, Puerto Rico: Trip Recap

November 2012
Manhattan, KS: Weekend in Manhappiness

Chicago: Marathon

September 2012
Telluride, CO: Take Two

August 2012
Table Rock Lake: 2012
Palisade, CO: Take Two

July 2012
Steamboat Springs: Steamboat Adventures
All Quiet on the Western Front

June 2012
Tulsa, OK: Take Me Back to Tulsa
Kansas City: A Trip to K.C.

May 2012
Estes Park: Sprague Lake
Avon, CO: Blues, Brews, and Barbecue Festival

April 2012
Kansas City: A Rabbit’s Pace

March 2012
Phoenix, AZ: A Doctorate In the House
Beaver Creek: Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Keystone: Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Winter Park: An Irish Weekend

February 2012
Park City, UT: Skiing Park City
Wichita, KS: Thank You
Wichita, KS: Life
Ski Cooper: The Tennessee Cookhouse and My 29th Birthday

January 2012
Breckenridge: A Snowy Holiday
Beaver Creek: Anticipation of Snow
Winter Park: Up and Back

December 2011
Eldora, CO: Snowshoeing
Breckenridge: Do the Dew
Beaver Creek: Do the Dew
Wichita, KS: Snow Day!
Wichita, KS: The Eve of Christmas
Wichita, KS: A Griswold Christmas
San Diego, CA: Heading West
San Diego, CA: The Zoo
San Diego, CA: USS Midway
San Diego, CA: Ultimate Frisbee
Avon, CO: Ringing in the New Year

November 2011
A-Basin: Birthday Bash at The Beach
Wichita, KS: Road Trip
Wichita, KS: Turkey Eve
Wichita, KS: Happy Thanksgiving!
Wichita, KS: Saturday Tradition
Wichita, KS: Back to the Rockies

October 2011
Manhattan, KS: The Little Apple
A-Basin: From Peak to Peak
Evergreen: Three Sisters Trail
Idaho Springs: A Sunday Drive

September 2011
Wichita, KS: Labor Day Wedding
Wichita, KS: Pistols, Fried Chicken, & Birthday Wishes
Palisade, CO: Gettin’ Our Peach On!
Aspen, CO: Aspen Extreme

August 2011
Table Rock: Yellow-Polka Dot Bikini
Table Rock: Let the Party Begin
Table Rock: On the Road Again
Table Rock: Boat Day!
Table Rock: Gotta Get Down on Friday
Table Rock: Busy Bee
Table Rock: Coming to an End

July 2011
Steamboat Springs: Let Vacation Begin!
Steamboat Springs: Day of Sun
Steamboat Springs: Red, White, and Blue
Steamboat Springs: Wildlife at 10,000 feet
Steamboat Springs: An Un-Day
Steamboat Springs: Rain, Rain, Go Away…
Steamboat Springs: Is That Hail?
Steamboat Springs: Last Meal
Steamboat Springs: Heading Home
Wichita, KS: HMJ Bash – Part One
Wichita, KS: HMJ Bash – Part Two

May 2011
A-Basin: Beach Day
Kansas City: Jammed Pack Weekend
Kansas City: Birthday Party
L.A.: Part One
L.A.: Part Two
L.A.: Part Three

April 2011
Steamboat Springs: Getaway
Dallas: Deep In The Heart of Texas
Dallas: The Day Before
Dallas: Marathon Recap
Beaver Creek: Closing Weekend
Beaver Creek: Closing Weekend #1
Beaver Creek: Easter Prep
Beaver Creek: Happy Easter

March 2011
Beaver Creek: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

February 2011
Breckenridge: Not Enough Hours In The Day
Steamboat Springs: Dinner In SBS
Steamboat Springs: Skiing with The In-Laws
Steamboat Springs: Back from SBS
Beaver Creek: Birthday Weekend!

January 2011
Copper Mountain: Shredding with The Caffrey’s
Steamboat Springs: Ski Town U.S.A
Beaver Creek: Snow Fail
Breckenridge: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun
Vail: This Weekend…

December 2010
Beaver Creek and Keystone: Winter Groove
Keystone: Winter Storm Warning
Vail: Winter Storm Warning
NYC: Christmas In The City
Wichita, KS: Christmas Eve Run
Wichita, KS: Christmas Day with Mr. B
Kansas City: Tapas with My Favorite Women
Kansas City: Miracle on 34th Street
Beaver Creek: Merry New Year!

November 2010
A-Basin: First Ski Day!
Kansas City: Thistle and Thai
Kansas City: Happy Thanksgiving!
Kansas City: World War I Museum
Kansas City: T-Giving Recap

October 2010
Manhattan, KS: Game Day
Telluride: Silver Lake Hike
Telluride: In The City
Vail: Oktoberfest

September 2010
Wichita, KS: Hit The Ground Running
Manhattan, KS: Wildcat Saturday
Wichita, KS: Evan’s Birthday

August 2010
Breckenridge: Heading to Breck
Breckenridge: Are You a Warrior? – Part One
Breckenridge: Are You a Warrior? – Part Two
Table Rock Lake: Ripping It Up at The Rock: Part One
Table Rock Lake: Ripping It Up at The Rock: Part Two

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