Cheesy Turmeric Tuna Hummus Melts

Kickin’ it old school today with this Cheesy Turmeric Tuna Hummus Melts. Fresh tuna combined with turmeric, garlic hummus, red pepper and onion piled high on a sourdough bread. Topped with Gruyere and melted until golden perfection. You’ll want a big ol’ bite of this sandwich!


We are kickin’ it old school today.

Like Vanilla Ice old school…..”kick it one time, boyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

By the way, whatever happened to Robert Matthew Van Winkle? Wasn’t he doing car commercials in Japan? No, that’s not it. Something in real estate? I think he did some DIY show. Hold on, let me WIKI for sec. Um, looks like he is going to be on Dancing With The Stars. I actually think he might crush it on the show. Did you see him dance in Ninja Turtles 2? Brilliant.


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