chorizo & brussel sprout stuffing muffins

Chorizo & Brussel Sprout Stuffing Muffins I

Um, tomorrow is the big day.

The feast of feasts.

The carbo loads of carbo loads.

A day where stretch pants have no limits and thirds, fourths, and fifths servings are encouraged. Over the years I have really come to enjoy Thanksgiving. I realize that sounds weird, but maybe I’ve matured?

As someone that cooks full time, I have a better understanding of what my mom had to do in order to feed a dozen plus people on a single day. Holy Turkey. I am tired just thinking about all the details.


Anyways, we are celebrating Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law and brother-in-laws’ home and I couldn’t be more excited. Kelly is a wonderful, kick-ass baker. Seriously, her pumpkin pie are what dreams are made of. Plus, I get to snuggle with my adorable niece Josie and play some foozeball with my nephews.


However, now that I am thinking about it, I might want to bring something. Where are my manners? As a stuffing connoisseur (did I just say that?), my view is that stuffing should be simple and tasty. Because you already have 284 things going, why make it more complicated? These Chorizo & Brussel Sprout Stuffing Muffins are super simple to make and are fun twist on your traditional way of serving stuffing. It’s like having your own individual portion ready to go. Plus, these are great for leftovers. Plop an egg on top, boom. Brunch the next day.

I hope y’all have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.


Chorizo & Brussel Sprout Stuffing Muffins II

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