Silver Lake Hike

Mr. B and I made it to Telluride late last night. Six hours in a car after shooting guns all day put me in a not so happy place. So, I was glad when I awoke this morning to this…

We are in Telluride for a couple of days visiting some friends from L.A. I love these kind of weekends. Sharing a house with 10 of your closest friends in the mountains puts the world at ease for a moment.

Today we hiked probably the most beautiful trail I have ever done while living in Colorado. You have to take a car up to about 11,500 feet to get to the trailhead but that includes a pit stop to witness a beautiful waterfall…

After you park your car along a narrow switchback, you climb around 500 feet of trail to basically tree line. It was pretty steep but it was nice to get the blood pumping.

The finale of the trail is this tranquil mountain lake that is surrounded by jagged peaks and rolling mountains. Absolutely, breath taking.  My friends from L.A. took to it much like the Pacific. Who needs sand, really?

We finished the trail close to dinner time. So, we figured there is nothing  better than grilling steaks, drinking cold beers and putting together a puzzle to end a day. I just love the simple things in life.