What I’m Loving Right Now…

1. Sixty degree sunny days in January. I wish spring was here.

2. Wholly Guacamole

I have a major minor obsession with this perfectly packaged tastes like fresh guacamole concoction. I wish I could bathe in it. Hmm. That may be awkward.

3. Esty

I may be wayyyyy behind on finding out about this fabulous shopping network. But. Better late then never I always say!

I have already scoped out a few of items that I am fairly certain will end up on my door step next week!

4. The Shuffle

We all remember the death of Mr. Pod. He lived such a wonderful like. Tear.

I was very unsure which MP3 player would replace Mr. Pod. There are a bazillion options to choose from and I felt completely overwhelmed. Mr. B suggested I go the Creative route but I knew deep down inside that I was an Apple girl for life. I <3 you Steve Jobs. So, one impulse purchase later at Target and I had myself a pretty little lime green Shuffle. Best decision I ever made. Ever.

5. Menage a Trois

Need I say more? How do you think I survive the week?

6. Adobe Photoshop Elements 9

My brother John and his wife Sarah gave us this AMAZING gift for Christmas. Well, let’s just say that I have been using it a great deal more than Mr. B because, duh, I blog.

At first, I was completely frustrated and annoyed. Poor Mr. B had to walk me through how to format and layer pictures because lets face it, I am way too lazy to read the instructions.

But, I think I have figured it out. You may have seen some of my split shots on recent blog posts. I know they aren’t as attractive as P-Dub’s but you have to start somewhere:) Right. Right.

7. Stubb’s Spicy Barbecue Sauce

Think of this barbecue sauce as Nutellas brother. It goes on everything. From eggs to sweet potato fries to sandwiches. It’s a savory explosion!

What are you currently lovin?