Double Digits

Yesterday was a BIG day for the Grier household. We both ran farther then we ever thought possible.

Mr. B joined the official long distance running club by running ten miles, and I twenty! I am not going to lie, it was a day filled with confusion, pit stops, and frustration but we made it!

Let me start from the beginning…

Mr. B had it all figured out. We were to run the High Line Canal trail that runs from Denver all the way south for about sixty-miles. It’s a flat, dirt trail that is perfect for long running days such as this. The plan was for Mr. B to drop me off and do the first 10 miles by myself and meet me to finish the rest.

Well, all I can say is thank God for cell phones.

I ran the first 4 miles right on schedule and everything looked fine on the map. But I kid you not, I definitely took a wrong turn because I ended up 7 miles east of where I was supposed to meet Mr. B. RA-TARDED!! The funny thing is, I had my iphone on me with a GPS and I didn’t even think to look to make sure I was still on course. Ooops! 
So instead of meeting Mr. B and continuing the next 10 miles with him, he had to pick me up here:
Yep, Red Robin. I have no idea how I went from a dirt trail that is well marked to a Red Robin. Such an idiot! I called Mr. B when I got there and said, “May-day, May-day. The eagle has not landed. I repeat the eagle has not landed.” He could not help but laugh at me for being such a dork. 
Anyways, ten minutes later and my knight in shining Nike wear came and got me again. Why do all of my long runs require me being rescued? I am just glad the marathon course is marked otherwise I will be in big trouble. 
Since I totally put a damper on finishing the trail and it was getting late, we decided to head back downtown to finish the ten miles in Wash Park. Which actually worked out because I needed more water and food. 
Fast forward forty-five minutes later and I am back to running. Only this time I had Mr. B with me and it was sooooo much more fun! I have never been more proud of my husband. After being sick for the past week and a half and not completing a lot of his running days, he knocked out those ten miles! Talk about not giving up mentally. Seriously my hero. 
Even though we thought the day/run would never end, we finished! GO GRIERS!!! 
P.S. This is me documenting my 2-0 miles because guess who forgot to charge their Garmin before leaving? I seriously need help. I am glad that Mr. B had is phone on with My Tracks on it to keep track of our mileage!