What I’m Loving Right Now…

I just realized that I have not written a “What I’m Loving Right Now” post since January! Ooops.

Oh well. Better late then never.

Anyways, given that the past three months have whizzed by, I thought I would refresh my What I’m Loving Right Now list with spring in mind. We have seen a lot of sunshine in Denver these past few weeks and I have been embracing every minute of the warm rays with long walks in the city and happy hours on the patio.

Ahh…can’t wait for summer.

Okay, on with the list.

1. Container Store. Being somewhat OCD in nature, the Container Store (CS) is a what I consider to be my mecca. Every spring I mosey over to CS and try to find ways to organize last years clutter. It’s amazing how much crap you can accumulate throughout the year. So I was way pumped when I found these super cute red filing boxes for half off! Booyah! We lack serious space in our loft so I thought these boxes would help keep us organized and take up less space like a filing cabinet.

2. Almond yogurt. I love when new products hit the shelves at Whole Foods. It makes me happy. Yogurt is another thing that makes me happy, so when I found this little guy sitting on the shelf I was overwhelmed with joy! It’s yogurt made with almond milk and completely delicious.

3. Lululemons. New arrivals for spring are on their website. If you love athletic wear, I would strongly advise staying away from this site because you WILL want to buy everything. Case in point. I just bought this new t-shirt. It’s perfect because I have serious boob sweat when I run. This bad boy has air vents in all the major sweaty points so hopefully it will cut down on my embarrassing sweat problem!

4. Fred and Friends. This is a fun website to check out if you are bored at work or want to create some shenanigans in your life. I am in love right now with the cakewich mold and the pac-man hothead. Seriously hysterical.

5. Esty’s Garden Spoons. I really want to grow herbs this year. Since we don’t have a yard I must rely on pots so I was thinking these custom engraved spoons would be a fun way to identify what I am growing.
6. CB2 plates. These plates are AWESOME! I am sucker for anything small, especially when it’s food related. I am definitely planning on having some cocktail parties this summer with these bad boys. I heart CB2.
7. Mumford and Sons. I am obsessed. The song, Little Lion Man, is freaking amazing. I put it on repeat while I am running and rock out! 
8. Trisuit. One of the items on my New Year’s resolution list for this year is to complete a triathlon. Still working on which one I want to attempt but I thought I would at least get started on researching some gear. This trisuit is supposed to be bad ass. It’s light, form fitting and helps keep you buoyant in the water while you swim. I haven’t bought anything yet, but recommendations are greatly appreciated.
9. Mediation. My mother recently recommended this book to me, Mediation for Beginners, by Jack Kornfield. In training for my first marathon I knew I would need some mental strength to power through the race. I am only half way through, but this book is fantastic Thanks mom! I highly recommend it to anyone because it’s really good for your soul.
10. Fig jam. Hello, heaven! This jam is lights out delicious. I have a piece of toast with jelly every morning for breakfast. Call me old fashioned, but when I saw this at the store the other day I had to try it. Of course this jam is not only good on toast but also great when used to flavor savory treats. For example, place the fig jam over a pork tenderloin and let it slow cook in the oven. Delish.
What are you loving right now for spring?