getting through the hump

No run this morning.

Just sleep.

Sleep with a very cuddly Mr. B.

If Mr. B was a superhero, I swear his superpower would be to cuddle a villain to death. He would bat his big blue eyes (like Puss’n’Boots from Shrek) and the villain would be so mesmerized he wouldn’t try and kill Mr. B. But that’s when Mr. B would strike and begin his cuddle powers. Okay, that may be lame. Okay, really lame. You get the picture.

Today was busy. Conference calls (don’t these take forever? I swear people just blabber on because they like to listen to their own voice), debt ceiling discussions, and I had to finalize all the details for tomorrow’s cooking event, which I hope will go smoothly.

 Oh, I almost forgot. Duh. Today’s outfit, which is brought to you by Cardi World. 

Sorry I couldn’t resist. But there are some fun song’s to play off the word cardi:

…..”I’m here for the cardi”
…..”Ain’t no cardi like the one I got”
…..”It’s my cardi and I’ll cry if I want too”

I’m a nerd.

After work, I tried to do a little packing for this weekend. The attire for the bachelorette party is either a old bridesmaid or 80’s inspired dresses. I think I have the hair and jewelry down, but I am worried about my dress. I found it at Forever 21 and it screams pre-teen.

This could be trouble folks. BIG trouble.

Dinner was early tonight because we had a birthday party to attend at the Downtown Tavern. After last nights burgers, I needed to eat something that wouldn’t make me stomach turn south.

On the menu:
     – Grilled pork chops
     – Roasted cauliflower with whole grain mustard
     – Roasted sweet potatoes with paprika

grill marks are sexy. 
i think i may have burnt the sweet potatoes. oops. 
cauliflower freaking rocks. 
dining al fresco. 
After dinner Mr. B and I strolled to the Tavern because it’s only five blocks from our apartment. For second I thought it might rain, but major props to the rain god’s for not letting it pour on us. 
The last time we were at the Tavern was three years ago after the party bus to the CU football game. Let’s just say there were a plethora of shenanigans that night, one which included someone sliding down a bowling lane. 
where’s the bowling alley?
the american beverage. 
I think Elizabeth was very surprised. Matt did a great job keeping her birthday party a secret. We had a great time, and I got to see my dot! Hi Katie! 
yours truly, elizabeth, katie

Alright, I can’t keep my eyes open.