hmj bash: part one

This weekend was quick, sweet, and to the point.

And let’s just say that it left an impression.

I arrived in Wichita on Friday night. My fantastic in-laws, Chuck and Susie, picked me up from the airport and had an amazing dinner waiting for me to devour. They are simply the best. We chit chatted over wine, and I ended up going to bed early because I was exhausted.

Saturday morning Chuck and Susie headed to Manhattan to work on the house, while I relaxed, blogged, and sipped my morning coffee with delight as I waited for Kaitlin and Jamie to pick me up.

Now that I think about, I have not had a quiet morning like that in a long time. It was perfect.

Once the girls picked me up we headed to the mall to purchase some unmentionables for Heather and a couple of things for our outfits. Remember, the theme was 80’s inspired.

First stop, Frederick’s. This place is just weird and random. We didn’t find anything so we shuffled next door to Spencer’s. I think Kaitlin summed up this store perfectly, “There’s a reason my mom didn’t let me shop here as a kid.” The entire store was filled with stuff that made me blush. But I will say, they had the best selection for bachelorette gifts.

After our stroll through naughty town, we quickly headed to Claire’s to grab bows, headbands, earnings, ya know, the essentials. I was sad that I did not purchase the Justin Beiber earnings, sometimes not having your ears pierced can be detrimental.

Since our friend Sam just moved to England, Jamie wanted to put her head on a stick. We used to do this back in college when we people couldn’t attend an event (i.e. date parties), but wanted to have pictures of them there. It’s a brilliant idea.

By the way, the Kinko’s at Rock Road and Kellogg in Wichita is now well versed in the head on a stick trick should you ever need one for your next party.

so efficient.

Another quick stop at Target for Aqua Net and candy, and then we headed to Heather’s to get dressed.

Jaime and Katy were already there and had been making jello shots for the party bus. Since Margarita’s didn’t take reservations they went early to reserve a spot. Thanks girls!

pretty friends.
While they held down the fort at the restaurant Kaitlin, Jamie, Heather and I finished getting dressed. Heather’s outfit was fantastic. She found an old wedding dress at a thrift store. 

i feel pretty, oh so pretty… 
how old is that vail again? 
deb model. 
ruffles are sexy. 

side ponies are sooo fetch. 

After we were done getting ready, we headed to Margarita’s for dinner. I hadn’t been there since I was in high school. It was still the same.

wait. this isn’t varsity blues? 

As soon as we walked in the door people STARRED. I mean just straight up mean-mugged and whispered rude comments under their breath. But we didn’t care. For us, this is a normal weekend.

heather and jaime 
 jamie and robin sparkles.

I started with my favorite, a cold Pacifico.

For dinner, I always get the same thing every time I dine at a Mexican restaurant: chicken tacos with beans and rice.

that’s a lot of beans. 

A quick photo shoot outside and we headed back to Heather’s to rally for the party bus.

drama queens. 
 romy and michelle. 
 a scene from a john hughes movie. 
work it…
best bridal shots in town.

Then……….J-E-L-L-O SHOTS!!!!

warning: plastic parts aren’t edible. 
 k-state jello shot.

fact. jello shots are now popular in england. 

Alright, where’s the bus?

(part two, coming up next!)