hmj bash: part two

Okay, where was I?

Oh yes, the party bus.

After a few dozen jello shots, we loaded up the goods and hopped our sequined, side pony, scrunchy wearing booties onto the pink bus. Oh yes, she was pink, and glowing.

the booty.  
We made Heather open her gifts first. Hmmmm….what could be in all those pink bags? 
welcome to naughty-ville, “where the fun never stops vibrating.” 
Our first stop on the party was the Pump House. Now originally being from Wichita you think I would have had a drink there at some point, but no. As we paraded through the bar, people started staring. I hate to say it, but even in our 80’s attire, we out classed/styled some of the folks. Girl Scouts honor.
pump, pump, pump it up! 
shots are the devil. 
lorezno and the bride
one icing, coming right up…
We stayed at the Pump House for a shot and a beer, but before we could leave we had to deal with the paparazzi. Don’t you hate when that happens? This guy said he was a “photographer” with the Hutchinson Daily. Pssshh. Um, no your not. You’re a tool from and enjoy taking random photos of girls to try and pick them up. Kaitlin even said that he didn’t know how to work his camera. 
We quickly said goodbye to that mess and got back on the bus. 
we gotta go…
I would say at this point in the night, the stripper pole (a highlighted feature when renting this bus out) was tickling our fancy. She was no longer a cold, uninviting pole without a purpose, but now an appealing form of recreation.
you go debbie! 
 debbie, you have to share. 
 foreigners love the pole.
 it’s like watching a dog walk on it’s hind legs. 

The second stop on the hmj bash was at The Stop. Before we actually went into the bar Jamie, Meg, Kaitlin, Jaime, Katy and I performed a dance number to Like A Prayer (Glee version) on the bus. I am pretty sure we freaked out the bus driver, but this was serious choreography. We are professionals people!

we ain’t stoppin’ long…

We stayed at The Stop for about 2.5 seconds because it was scorching hot inside!

I think we were all happy to be back on the bus, hello air conditioning. Before our next stop, a little more recreation on the pole was needed.

debbie workin’ the pole. 
can you hold my beer? no. i am focusing on my scruchies.
 i want my pink straw back! 
i am such a better dancer then you. yeah, but i have a green koozie. 
you sound like your from London. 
Followed by more jello shots.
happy hour is from….wait…6pm to 2am! 
Which then led to everyone wanting to loose three pounds (mean girls reference), and more dancing, followed by massive amounts of pull-ups. 
the real sin city.  
p90X works! 
Our third and final bar stop, wait for it….Denim and Diamonds. Ahhhhh….yeahhhhh.
we may come out bedazzled. 
I don’t even know where to begin. It was like watching a train wreck for thirty minutes. First of all, this bar is in a mall. Seriously people!  That should be your first clue as to why this establishment is no bueno. Second, if you have to two-step around people that are humping on the dance floor, then maybe you’re color blind because that is clearly a red flag. Lastly, if you see more muffins then in a bakery, run.
golden disco saddle. 
But with all the craziness aside, Heather did manage to take over the dance floor in style. I seriously can’t wait for her reception. EPIC.
work it! 
hittin’ hard…
After we stumbled out of D&D, we landed at Quick Trip for a little re-fueling action. 

i’m not drunk, you are. i can’t see your face. 
 bye, bye D&D. 
This was the only picture I took while inside Quick Trip. I got yelled at by the manger for photographing Kaitlin taking a taquitos. Apparently you aren’t supposed to take pictures while you’re inside this convenience store. That’s a little bizarre, right? I could understand if it was Buckingham Palace or something, but Quick Trip, WTF.

decisions are the worst.
Other then the caped man that Jamie mentioned on her blog, we did witness a young couple covered in blood paying for cigarettes. I’m talking Dexter amount of blood. The manager asked them if they were okay and he responded in his whisky tengo voice, “Shoooot. Nah, man. I won that there fight. Da police took the other fellar downtown. I be alright.”
OMG. o.m.g.
We quickly exited Quick Trip and got back on the bus to head home. 

i want to fly away. 
3:00 am bed time….light’s out.
Sunday morning came quickly. (Hah, that’s what she said). A quick run to Starbucks for a liter of coffee, followed by a large order of tot’s at Spangles was just enough to get me through my flight back to 
must hydrate.
I had a fantastic weekend. I love these girls. Even though I don’t get to see them very often we pick up right where we left off. I’m very lucky to have such fun and pretty friends!
Can’t wait until the wedding!
Love you Heather!