there he goes again

I woke up this morning with a pouty face.

Last nights loss didn’t sit well with me. Not to mention Moe’s. Geesh. Mental note: barbecue eaten past 9pm es no bueno.

Another reason for my sour face, Mr. B left for Dallas this morning. Sigh.

Wait a minute.

Why am I sad? He will be back on Friday. Babe I love you, but I just realized that I have a bazillion things to do before you come home.

Anyways, I didn’t end up running this morning because I was worn out and Mr. B was super cuddly. Damn he’s good.

Work today was a roller coaster. As you can probably tell Mr. Market has gotten into the liquor cabinet again. One minute he’s soaring through clouds filled with gin, and the next he’s paying a visit to the porcelain God. Did I just say that? Oh, mercy.

My outfit today is polar opposite from Mr. Market’s drunken debacles.

Meet, Miz Liberian.

The only thing missing are huge thick glasses that hang around my neck and my locks in a tight bun.

i memorized all twenty-six books of the encyclopedia britannica.
Since I didn’t exercise this morning, I forced myself to run outside this afternoon in the heat. Why do I punish myself? Why?
The run actually didn’t turn out that bad. 4 miles @ 9:00 pace, I really can’t complain considering a week ago I could barely bend over. I swear I am getting old. Fast. 
In all honesty, my ego needed a good run. The Aspen Half Marathon is coming up at the end of September and I feel so unprepared. But with anything, you just have to keep moving. I am going to try and run six or seven this weekend depending how I feel. I guess only time will tell.
Tonight’s dinner was pretty blah. I needed to eat something healthy after last night’s barbecue shenanigans. 
Plus, I was not in the mood to cook. So I roasted some sweet potatoes, sauteed broccoli, and baked a piece of salmon. Wham, bam.
I tried to class up this meal by drinking a Pellegrino. Is it me, or do people mean mug when you purchase sparkling water? It’s like their eyes are saying, “Oh. Too good for “regular” water huh?” 
For a split second I thought about putting it back on the shelf, but I was like hell-to-the-no. Homegirl here wanted some sparkling water. Mmmkay! 
Also, isn’t the wrapper on the bottle super cute? Maybe tap water needs a new PR agent. 
Alright, I am exhausted. 
I recorded Toy Story 3 today because I am HUGE nerd and love these movies. I may have to wait until tomorrow because I can barely keep my eyes open. 
Hope you had a good hump day!