a sluggish tuesday


I felt sluggish all day.

No, I am not sick. Or at least I don’t think I am?

Actually, could you do me a favor? Could you keep your fingers crossed for me, oh let’s say, for the next two weeks so I don’t get sick?

That would be a life savor.

For reals.

Poor Mr. B tossed and turned last night, which meant that yours truly didn’t sleep a wink either. It’s not a big deal because I wanted to monitor his temperature since it was a scorching 101.5 degrees when he turned in for the night. Whew bessie, now that’s cookin’. Luckily it didn’t go any higher, otherwise, hospital here we come!

I was happy this morning when his temperature read 100.5. Or in Mr. B’s grand humor…“100.5 and still alive!”

The man is funny, even with a fever.

After I took Mr. B’s temperature and tucked him back into bed, I headed off to work. This week has been a little crazy. I have been putting the final touches on our upcoming cooking event, and so far, I am freaking Jazz Hands excited about what we will be cooking. Check it…

1st: seared scallops, charred fennel and corn slaw, tomato shallot gastrique
2nd: flat iron steak, citrus chimichurri, winter squash risotto
Dessert: chocolate soufflé, chile vanilla cream

The last time we had a cooking event it took place at the culinary school. Instead, we thought we would mix it up and do a private dinner with Chef John at one of our colleagues home (brilliant if you ask me). I think the home environment will give everyone a more hands on experience. Plus, it will give us a better chance to mingle with potential prospects. I am hoping it’s a win, win situation because I am dying to know what the heck a gastrique entails! Aren’t you?

Okay, all of this talk of food is making me hungry. Let’s switch topics and talk about the work outfit.

Is anybody else into stripes? I see them everywhere! Black and white stripes are definitely my fav. However, I did pickup a navy and white dress the other day that I can’t wait to wear with my new Fergie boots. Holla!

Black sweater: Gap
Black/white shirt: B.P. Nordstroms
Skinny jeans: Gap
Flats: Gianni Bini

After work I stopped by Target so I could check a couple of things off my list:

T.P.—> Check.
Cranberries —> Check.
Whole Grain Mustard —> Check.
Wine —> Check.
Glee 2011 Christmas Album —> Errrr…no check. Couldn’t find the sucker. Isn’t it supposed to come out today?

By the time I arrived home from running errands, I only had a few minutes to check on Mr. B, eat a light snack before I had to head to boot camp. This is our final week with Jennifer, which makes me sad. She is seriously the best trainer, and I can’t thank her enough for making me stronger.

We do have our final weigh in on Thursday, and I am little nervous to find out how many inches I have lost or gained since September. No matter what happens, I am just thankful that I fill more fit and healthier.

Once I got back from boot camp, I checked on Mr. B again. To my surprise he was feeling much better! Yay! His fever came down, and said he was starting to feel better.

Now I am off to watch Dexter. This season is major creep town.

I hope you had a good one!

Thankful Challenge Day 15

Today I am thankful for my father. I have called him at least a zillion times in the past 24 hours asking questions about what I should do for Mr. B. Should I take him to the doctor? What should he eat? How much fluid should he be drinking? Thanks Dad for your help. The Green Lantern strikes again!