still an hour ahead, no wait…behind?

This morning was a little hectic.

And by hectic, I mean flat out c-h-a-o-t-i-c.  
Any guesses as to why? 
Well, if any of your guesses centered on an alarm clock, than you’ve just won a MILLION dollars! 
Okay, not really, but you get the picture. 
In my opinion, our alarm clock is possessed. Possessed by what, I am not entirely sure. I would like to think that the penguins from the movie Madagascar are somehow controlling our devious clock, but that’s just wishful thinking. 

Unfortunately, our P.O.S. alarm clock has a glitch. It’s supposed to be programmed to automatically fall back or forward for daylight savings time. Well, this glitch almost caused Mr. B to miss a plane flight last year, and this year, he almost missed his Monday morning meeting. 
I know, I know. Why don’t you just get a new alarm clock? Oh I am, but first, I going to take it out to a giant field and go all “Office Space” on it! Paybacks a b@*ch! 
Alright, moving on…
Since I didn’t have a whole lot of time to get ready this morning because I was helping Mr. B get out the door, I went with an outfit that was safe. 
Jeans, and a cardigan!
Cardigan: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Brown Shirt: Banana Republic
Boots: Dillards
Jewelry: Dillards 
But I did try to spruce my attire up with a necklace I got last year while shopping at Dillards with Susie and the girls. I love big necklaces, but sometimes I just don’t have the balls to wear them. Glad I wore it today because it made this outfit sparkle. 

We were supposed to get snow starting late this afternoon, but nothing happened. Although, I have a feeling we might be getting a couple of inches tonight. Winter is definitely here folks.

I was planning on going to body pump after work, but since it didn’t snow, I went for a run in Wash Park instead. This was my first run of the year where the temperature outside was below fifty degrees. Let me tell ya, I was glad that I wore gloves and a running vest to keep me warm! Brrrrr.

When I arrived home, I started on dinner.

Hmmm…what’s in the pantry?

Lots of chicken stock.

What’s in the refrigerator?

Celery, carrots, onions….I know! Lets make chicken noodle soup. Brilliant!

This recipe is quick, easy, and delicious. Perfect for a weeknight comfort meal. 

Off to watch Two Broke Girls. Have you seen this show? It’s flipping hysterical!

See ya.

Thankful Challenge: Day 7

Today I am thankful for a well stocked pantry. Sometimes the last thing you want to do after work is go to the grocery store and fight the crowds. Am I right? Having certain staples (tomatoes, chicken stock, beans) can make the difference between a homemade meal and take-out.