many elements

This morning I realized two things:

First, I need to do body pump at least once a week. Last night I barely survived the grueling hour long class and right now my tookus is sore! Sigh. The good news, I think after a couple of classes I will be back on track. 
Second, K-State basketball will never be the same. Yes, I realize that is strong statement, but after listening to the press conference this morning, and hearing that Frank Martin will be the new head coach of South Carolina everything changed. I was a HUGE fan of Frank Martin and what he represented. I felt betrayed, heartbroken, but most of all, disappointed. It’s hard to be mad at the guy and I wish him all the best, but today was a sad day for K-State sports. And frankly (no pun intended), how do you come back from that?
Moving on.
Can you believe it’s almost April? Which means tax day will be here soon. In my world that’s good news because hopefully things will start to slow down around the office. My outfit for today was not very “springy”. In fact, it was a little ‘Johnny Cash-esque’? Yeah, I dunno know. 
I love this black top from the Gap because it’s light, flattering, and the bubble pattern makes me smile. It’s the little things, people. 
Black top: Gap
Black pants: Express
Black flats: Gianii Biani
Necklace: The Limited
Bracelets: Dillards 
I left work early today because I had an dentist appointment. Yuck. Do you hate the dentist? I find lying down while someone messes with your grill completely annoying. I couldn’t even imagine wanting to be dentist as my actual occupation. Drilling into people’s teeth, flossing, and staring at nasty gums all day…GROSS!
My appointment was at Dental Elements (right around the corner from our loft) which I have never been too, so I was a little nervous. I miss my childhood dentist, Dr. Orth. He was the 

But I was very impressed with Dental Elements. Not only are their facilities modern and chic, but the whole check in process is paperless. 
The lady who actually cleaned my teeth was sweet and very gentle. She even showed me the proper way to floss. Yahoo! The dentist was hysterical – a young guy that made fun of himself. I think having a sense of humor is key to working in the dentistry profession because in essence, your causing people pain every day. 
The good news, my teeth and gums are healthy. The bad news, I have to go back in two weeks to be fitted for a mouth guard.  Apparently yours truly here likes to grind her teeth in her sleep! 
Anyways, I’m glad that’s all over. 
Since Mr. B was coming home from being in Wyoming the past two days (I said things were crazy around here), I wanted to make him a home cooked meal.
On the menu:
– Sauteed chicken breasts topped with a Dijon mustard sauce
– Steamed broccoli tossed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
– Roasted fingerling potatoes with Parmesan cheese and green onions
Now it’s time for a little #Mad Men. I really hope Don keeps his s@*t together this season! 
Have a smashing evening!